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Joe Biden calls Donald Trump uninformed after PTSD comments

Joe Biden brands Donald Trump as ‘thoroughly, completely uninformed’ after Trump suggested veterans who suffer from mental health issues might not be as strong as those who don’t. Biden made the comments at a rally in support of Hillary Clinton to win the US presidential race in Sarasota, Florida on Monday night Source: Youtube

Dr. Diane Castillo, Waco VAMC

VA clinical psychologist Dr. Diane Castillo was a speaker at the World Health Organization Expert Group Meeting on Mental Well-being, Disability and Humanitarian Action in Manila, Philippines in January. Dr. Castillo is the treatment core center director at VA’s VISN 17 Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans based in Waco, Texas. She… Read More »

[ Video ] Angel Of Woolwich’ Who Confronted Lee Rigby’s Killers ‘Regrets Bravery’ Claiming Heroics

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett says she has been left jobless and suffers from PTSD after stepping in to stop crazed murderers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale A woman dubbed the “Angel of Woolwich” after she confronted the killers of soldier Lee Rigby said she regrets her bravery and claims her heroic actions that day has ruined her… Read More »

Climbing for those who can’t

Climbing for those who can’t The members of USX Veterans Everest Expedition are fighting weather but continuing their climb to raise awareness to stigma that centers on soldier post-traumatic stress disorder, while guiding veterans in their transition back to civilian life. USA TODAY Source: Youtube

The children struggling with

The children struggling with PTSD Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, is a condition often associated with soldiers who have experienced intense combat. However, there is growing awareness that children are also vulnerable, especially if they’ve witnessed domestic violence or abuse. Research suggests youngsters can show similar changes in their brain activity as those of… Read More »