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Natural Health Relief and Detoxing for Anxiety and Depression – Treat Yourself – Save Your Money

See my blogs for more of this kind of information, Whole foods and supplements delivered right to your door. Free shipping on orders over $20, plus $10 discount on first order: Search for anxiety or depression at your favorite vitamin website for products that will give you with immediate relief of your symptoms while you… Read More »

Emotionally Unavailable Mother | healthcare, psychology & wellness w/Kati Morton

Here’s the question I received on the website: “One topic I’d love for you to discuss on your channel someday is recovering from an emotionally abusive, emotionally unavailable, or generally ‘mean’ mother. How do we heal from the hurt of not having a ‘good-enough’ mother? As adults, how do we fulfill that longing to be… Read More »

Healing From PTSD: Dr. Frank Lawlis Outlines A Path

Renowned psychologist and author Dr. Frank Lawlis shares his thoughts on treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Subscribe to Dr. Phil:  LIKE us on Facebook:  Follow us on Twitter:  Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in… Read More »

Gambling addiction and PTSD … coincidence?

The Daily Dose – Follow up subscriber question from last weeks Daily Dose where we talked about Lady Gaga and her struggle with PTSD. Is there an association between people who have a gambling addiction and PTSD? Links below on how you can get help for your gambling addiction or help the ones you love… Read More »

Rosalien’s Waiting Room

Welcome to Miracle Healing Hideaway! When the stress of professional life begins to take a toll on private and personal realms, a sensitive and effective treatment may be required. Are you tired of: struggling in life feeling like your joy is gone not being able to pay attention or concentrate dragging yourself to work each… Read More »

Dr. Joel Robbins – Meeting #1 – TheFunnyrats

Please watch: “DRAW MY LIFE – LaneVids | The Story of Lane” 🔴 Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/lanevids?sub_confirmation=1 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- http://www.LaneVids.com I started seeing Dr. Joel Robbins at the Heath and Wellness Clinic in Tulsa, OK. He took a 24 hour urine collection from me, and I supplied him with my last blood work and a hair analysis from… Read More »

Day One: 22 Push-ups a day in 22-days Supporting our Veterans

I was challenged by Daren Hooge, CEO of QSciences to complete 22 push-ups in 22-days to support our veterans who live with the symptoms of Post Trumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) and other health limitations due to their patriotic service. As a desert Storm Veterian, I accept this challenge personally and on behald of… Read More »

The 9 Lifestyle Changes That Support PTSD Healing

Getting help and support for PTSD is the basis for recovery. Different therapies work for different individuals but one therapy will help anyone suffering from this condition, and that is lifestyle changes including nutrition. READ THE ARTICLE HERE: http://www.predictedachievement.com/the-9-lifestyle-changes-that-support-ptsd-healing/ Thank you for taking the time to watch this. If you are serious about improving your… Read More »