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Antiwar Radio 03/27/2008: Scott Horton Interviews Jenny Eliscu

Jenny Eliscu, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and host of “Left of Center” on Sirius Radio, discusses the real life of the James Blake Miller, the “Marlboro Man” in the iconic photo from the 2nd Battle of Fallujah, the War Party’s spin which used him as a poster boy and the reality of the real… Read More »

The Social Epidemic: War, PTSD, and Trauma

A MUST WATCH FOR MILITARY FAMILY MEMBERS! In this video I first describe the current state of affairs of our veteran community. I then go into war, PTSD, trauma, and the human nervous system and how it is affected by the new way of modern warfare. I describe to you why the suicide rate is… Read More »

Peace begin with Pen (60 second Documentary)

Khyber Pakhtunkwa, FATA are the worst affected regions of war for the last many decades. Hundreds of schools destroyed in the recent war on terror. Million of children are out of school. While on the other hand Chinese made toy guns flooded the region so the post traumatic stress disorder among children and attraction for… Read More »

Inquiry 3: PTSD PSA

This video is for an English 112 project raising awareness about how common Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is. It is used to urge those who feel they may be experiencing various symptoms to seek help. Websites to get help: Image Citations: Quote Citation: Erwin R. Parson. Vietnam Veterans: The Road to Recovery. New York: Plenum Press,… Read More »

[Subliminal] (Binural Beats) Cure/Control PTSD – Daisy Smoltz Subs

(Note, This if you chose to download my audio, i respectfully ask you make a small donation of 1 dollar or less to my paypal, daisysmoltzsubliminals@gmail.com . I do not monetize my videos and therefore do not profit off of them, but i do put alot of effort into them. An after all i do… Read More »