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“HANDS” Short Film

“Hands” is a short film written, directed, and filmed by Sonya Ganeshram. “Hands” portrays the emotional struggles of a veteran suffering from PTSD and depression. Director: Sonya Ganeshram Writer: Sonya Ganeshram Videography: Sonya Ganeshram Veteran: Miguel Dominguez Veteran’s Friend: Elizabeth Weiskircher Speaker: Sonya Ganeshram Source: Youtube

Joesph Jackson

Joesph Jackson suffers from severe PTSD as a result of a car accident. For the last few years he has tried his best to make his way ahead. Severe personality changes and other issues have threatened his marriage. . He recently read #dealwithit and in private messages to him has shared how profoundly it has… Read More »

Redefining Normal

Redefining Normal Comparisons are not only odorous but a waste of bloody time. You are the only you that you will ever have. You have to embrace the new you that is arising out of the ashes of C/PTSD and redefine your new normal for your new self and your new life. #drjohnaking Get #dealwithit… Read More »

Embracing John 2.0

Embracing John 2.0 Trauma causes a neurological and physiological change that has implications in every area of your life. It was not until I realized that John 1.0 was never coming back and I was prepared to embrace John 2.0 that life started to come together for me in a new and exciting way. #drjohnaking… Read More »