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Wounded Warriors Swim With Dolphins To Help Them Heal From PTSD

Swimming with dolphins made Kimberly DeFiori’s day. The U.S. Army Captain suffers from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. She’s one of more than 2 dozen wounded warriors who got to forget their troubles and just have a good time in the water. Vietnam veteran Mandy Rodriquez is the owner of the Dolphin Research Center… Read More »

What is TRAUMA THERAPY? Psychology & mental health treatment with Kati Morton licensed therapist

What is trauma therapy? What is resilience and more importantly, what is the goal of trauma therapy? Today I talk with trauma specialist Dr. Alexa Altman about all things trauma therapy and wellness. We decided to start by defining trauma. Trauma is when we are bumped out of our resilient zone, meaning that we do… Read More »

Ray’s Experience – Anxiety – Depression – PTSD – Crossroads Treatment Center Testimonials

Ray spent about 10 years in his house, trying different pills, and trying to overcome his anxiety, depression, and PTSD issues. After coming down to Crossroads Ibogaine treatment center for a 3 day Psychospiritual retreat Ray feels clear and better than ever. Ibogaine works well for addiction, however, it also works on a psychological level… Read More »