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Transforming PTSD Syptoms with the Three Principles Understanding | Thomas & Wendi Saggese

Watch this clip with Thomas Saggese sharing how he had witnessed a shooting at his school, his journey of developing PTSD symptoms and how he overcame his anxiety attacks through learning the Three Principles. His mother Wendi Saggese too shares her experience of Thomas and his incredible transformation during that time. Source: Youtube

OCD In Children

To view the next video in this series click: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/21544 In this video Dr. Elspeth Bell, a licensed psychologist at the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington, speaks on behalf of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. She discusses OCD in children. Most children with OCD are diagnosed around age 10, although the disorder can… Read More »

Prolympian PTSD Project Free Offer

http://guidancetogreatness.org/prolympianptsdproject FREE – $130 neurokinesis session for anyone who needs less anxiety, less PTSD symptoms, less sleepless nights, less depression TODAY! ” In exchange for your free session you just have to take a few seconds to post how you are doing once a day at the same time each day for the next 28… Read More »

Depression: Before Vs After

This is the introductory video to the Depression Support series. How does depression create a second, new mind within you? What does this mean? Can you go back to who you were before your experience of depression? Could there possibly be some new part of yourself to discover within your experience of depression? Please note… Read More »

Playing Pairs: A new technique against social anxiety?

In the description of the video “staring at a face — an old technique against social anxiety” I pointed out that rejection through others is mostly the reason for social anxiety (social phobia). In Exposure Therapy persons are confronted with their fears and discontinue their escape response. Now here you can see ten persons making… Read More »

EMR (Emotional Memory Removal) Suicide Prevention technique procedure

This EMR procedure addresses multiple ‘Memory Trauma’s’ and conditioning through extreme circumstances. With training, the procedure takes 20 minutes to complete. PARTS OF THIS PROCEDURE ARE EDITED OUT INTENTIONALLY as it is in the process of being copyrighted. P.T.S.D., suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, coping mechanisms, destructive behaviors, suicidal ideation and addictions are all symptoms of… Read More »

Depression & The True Self

My Official Art website: http://www.peterdavidhamiltonsartcoll… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?… Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wanderingcreator/ Enjoy some time in nature as we look at the relationship between Ourself & our mind & the impacts this has on depression & anxiety. As Always Much Love 2 U All Namaste Pete Source: Youtube

charles overcoming his panic and anxiety

Get Help Today! Click The Link http://DepressionAnxiertyPanic.com “I hope you can hear me clearly, I haven’t got a camera/lapel mic. on now. I’ve just walked about two miles up a really steep path, to the top of here in the sweltering heat, it’s about 40 degrees. I’m on my own, I’m just 40 years old… Read More »