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Ritz Triggered My PTSD – Star Wars Battlefront – Chemical Gaming

I’ve been trying to get this video uploaded for months. So I apologize if it’s a little late in the times. I hope you enjoy nonetheless but I hope more that this video stays up. I have 2 other videos to upload so hopefully those upload as well. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for… Read More »

What is a ‘Brain Orgasm’ (and why does it feel so good?)

Experiencing a pleasant tingle when someone crinkles paper isn’t as weird as you think. Millions of people are viewing YouTube videos of people whispering, crinkling bags and tapping on a variety of surfaces. The people who create this content have become Internet celebrities, amassing hundreds of millions of views. Welcome to the world of ASMR.… Read More »

En Kanavan En Thozhan 07/20/16

En Kanavan En Thozhan! Click here http://www.hotstar.com/tv/en-kanavan/5110/third-memo-to-sandhya/1000102880 to watch the full episode. Third Memo to Sandhiya! Saroja regains consciousness but is suggested to go for counselling to treat her post-traumatic stress. Sandhiya observes that Suriya is suffering from the same disorder. Zakir meets Sandhiya and gives the third memo to her. Source: Youtube

CRAZY Feminist tries to get me fired: BACKFIRES SPECTACULARLY

A quick summary. Laughingwitch engages in letter writing campaign to my employers, local news papers and the police to try to get me fired and my career ruined. I let it slide. Laughingwitch claims I’ve been fired and makes fun of me for losing my job, and that her letter writing campaign was the cause.… Read More »

Avoiding Burnout – Students and Teachers

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On Beat with 1st Spawned P2

BEAT KONDUCTAZ Presents a DJOHLOW production a Redd Kodiak film “On Beat w/OHLOW” (1st Spawned) 09/25/14 On Beat with 1st Spawned P2 All beats produced by 1st Spawned Guests (In No specific order.) 1st Spawned – Beat Konductaz MR FORGE – GUERRILLA REPUBLIK DC CC Vibez – Beat Konductaz Lord Betta – Beat Konductaz Matta… Read More »

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7)

http://www.redlettermedia.com – Finally it’s here! The truly epic review/critique/analysis/film making educational video of the 1999 film “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” There was so much to discuss with this film it had to be long so please don’t complain. If you think it’s too long then don’t watch it. In this opening segment I discuss… Read More »

Erin Andrews Has ‘Mild PTSD’ From Secretly Filmed Nude Tape, Psychologist for Defense Testifies

Erin Andrews has mild post-traumatic stress disorder because of the secretly filmed nude video of her from 2008 that was posted on the internet, a psychologist testified in court Wednesday. Source: Youtube