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What Causes Social Anxiety And A Lack Of Self Love (And How To FIX IT!)

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Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a very difficult condition to live with, particularly in the acute stages, because their autonomic nervous system has been re-set to over-react, and just about everything triggers the intense dread and panic of the traumatic event as if it were happening again. People have flashbacks, nightmares, depression, anxiety, irritability and anger, insomnia, hyper-vigilance… Read More »

Anxiety Disorders | Different Anxiety Disorders | Generalized Anxiety Disorder Signs and Symptoms

http://typesofanxietydisorders.com/anxiety Anxiety Disorders | Different Anxiety Disorders What Are the Types of Anxiety Disorders? Panic disorder : People with this condition have feelings of terror that strike suddenly raising consistently with no warning. Other signs suitable a panic attack include sweating, chest pain, palpitations (unusually strong or irregular heartbeats), and muscular tissue Feeling suitable choking,… Read More »

You will never see social anxiety the same after watching this

http://www.social-anxiety-solutions.com/ For step-by-step instructions on how to beat social anxiety disorder ( social phobia ) once and for all using the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) visit my homepage: http://www.social-anxiety-solutions.com/ Do you have a: Fear of rejection Fear of looking foolish Fear of criticism Fear of disapproval Fear of conflict Fear of not being… Read More »

Anxiety exposure – a tattoo and a fire engine?

After an appointment with my CPN (mental health nurse) to discuss my PTSD, anxiety and depression symptoms, I decided to take a drive to Bedford to visit my brother. My brother is a tattoo artist at Bedford Ink, in Bedford, so it goes without saying that I got a new tattoo while I was at… Read More »

Social Anxiety win – I went into a supermarket

Social anxiety has caused me problems for many years – and for too long I’ve let social anxiety disorder dictate the way I live my life. Social anxiety disorder has prevented me from doing not only everyday things like going shopping, but it has also lead to friendships fizzling out and hobbies being abandoned. I… Read More »

Suicidal Ideation [NON ASMR]

NEW AMSR DREAM RADIO EPISODE: https://soundcloud.com/dan-moreen Not a happy video, so avoid this one if you are looking for encouragement. Just sharing a mental health update about suicidal thoughts, severe depression, anxiety disorder, and feeling alone in the world. If you have any advice please share it in the comments. I film these videos as… Read More »

Part 2: Types of Anxiety Disorders

http://www.101anxiety.com/ Different Types of Anxiety Disorders Everyone feels anxious once in a while. We may feel anxious about taking a test, going to the doctor or any other situation in which we feel uncomfortable. For some people, however, they are unable to control their anxiety, and they wind up having a full blown anxiety attack.… Read More »

Part 7: How are anxiety and depression related

http://www.101anxiety.com/ How Are Anxiety Attacks And Depression Related? Anxiety attacks are when the body reacts to stress. Often the stress is something that happens to the individual that is having the attack. Many times, the anxiety is caused by depression. Depression and anxiety, most of the time, walk hand in hand with one another. Most… Read More »

Buddy Box Review – March 2016 // lunavstheuniverse

Thank you so much for watching this video, please remember to subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed and want to see more ♡ ————————————————————————— My Links: Blog: lunavstheuniverse.wordpress.com Tumblr: chickennuggetnymph.tumblr.com Instagram: @lunavstheuniverse Twitter: @smilingafter ♔ —————————————————————————- Hello there! My name is Luna, I’m 19 (as of writing this) and I suffer with depression,… Read More »

Updates // Lunavstheuniverse

Thank you so much for watching this video, please remember to subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed and want to see more ♡ ————————————————————————— My Links: Blog: lunavstheuniverse.wordpress.com Instagram: @lunavstheuniverse Twitter: @smilingafter Gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCME1DzwnQCYkPkc-TzPLAWg ♔ —————————————————————————- Hello there! My name is Luna, I’m 19 (as of writing this) and I suffer with… Read More »

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder? | Mood Disorders

Will your kids just not sit still for photos? Check out this short video to learn to shoot them like a pro http://bit.ly/1PDkrcx Watch more Mood and Personality Disorders videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/498585-What-Is-Social-Anxiety-Disorder-Mood-Disorders Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the group of anxiety disorders, and as the name implies, it’s used to identify individuals who have difficulty… Read More »

Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD – A man’s perspective.

Instagram – dudegoeswalkabout Twitter – @Jimothy_Bobbins Website – www.dudegoeswalkabout.com I decided to make this vlog about my own personal experience of Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. I noticed that, while there are men talking about mental health issues such as social anxiety disorder, there does seem to be slightly more women than men talking about… Read More »