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EMPATHS: 10 Characteristics [Music: Adiemus ]

Empaths are highly sensitive people who care about suffering of others. Often place the needs of others before their own needs. They need to learn ways to protect and heal themselves sense they often get drained. PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING LINK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Source: Youtube

The Spiritual Ego, Spiritual Abuse, Codependence & The Sympathetic Self – For Empaths

Are you being controlled or manipulated by someone else’s spiritual ego or codependent ego through your sympathetic nature? How to tell and what to do if you are. For a review of what love is and is not, please visit these blog posts: What Love Is & What Love Does What Love is Not –… Read More »

Vance wants ‘sensitive solution’ to base restrictions for vet with service dog

The Canadian military is looking for a more “sensitive solution” to accommodate a service dog belonging to a soldier who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder at a base in Edmonton, the chief of the defence staff says. Gen. Jonathan Vance said he is “very likely” to side with Sgt. Jeffrey Yetman, in Yetman’s fight to… Read More »