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Emotional Self Healing – Guided Meditation – Subconsciousness – Peace with Feelings

Dear friend, welcome to this guided meditation journey about healing your emotions. About the method: – This work is based on a combination of Carl Gustav Jung’s researches about subconsciousness and Buddhist philosophy. – The aim is to recognize, experience, accept, intergrate and let go of emotions in daily life with a peaceful attitude. Instructions:… Read More »

Prolympian PTSD Project Free Offer

http://guidancetogreatness.org/prolympianptsdproject FREE – $130 neurokinesis session for anyone who needs less anxiety, less PTSD symptoms, less sleepless nights, less depression TODAY! ” In exchange for your free session you just have to take a few seconds to post how you are doing once a day at the same time each day for the next 28… Read More »

Into Lithi’s Realm

Welcome back, My lovely Icycles to my channel… Lithical Icycle!!! I am YouTuber “Lithi” This video is inspired by Rachael Heede Dedicated to my Great & Beautiful Friend Lisa who took her own life years ago, leaving two wonderful grown young men & her husband. Depression, Anxiety, Bi Polar, PTSD, Bullying, Agoraphobia, Anorexia, Bulimia etc.… Read More »

Life Is Hard – 5 Ways To Keep Going

I hope this speaks to someone’s heart and I hope that you can share this with someone who might need to hear it too! Many people who are depressed hide it from the world. SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: http://bit.ly/1GoV9M8 COME BE MY BFF EVERYWHERE: INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/kandeejohnson SNAPCHAT: kandeejohnson TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/kandeejohnson FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kandeejohnson MY VLOG CHANNEL:… Read More »