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Doctor Cthulhu’s ASMR Checkup

After having received his Masters Degree from the ASMR* which is located within the ASMR**, Doctor Cthulhu performs a checkup and various ASMR*** to make sure you are recovering well from your recent ASMR****. * Arkham School for Medical Research ** Arkham Sanitarium for Mental Rehabilitation *** Arkham Sanitarium Methods of Relaxation **** Arkham Sanitarium… Read More »

The Gloves of Sleep

A variety of calm hand movements accompanied by the ocean wave-like fabric sounds of my suit coat and cotton costume gloves to help put you to sleep. Patreon ► Website ► Listen to selected works outside of YouTube: Spotify ► CDBaby ► iTunes ► Podcasts: EphemRadio ► Arkham Sanitarium (on hiatus) ► Social Media: Facebook… Read More »

Self Administered EMDR with Binaural Tones at 110 Hz

Self administered EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing) is a medical treatment) used professionally to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) nightmares, flashbacks, ,dissociation, headaches, fears, bruxism, phobias, paranoia,anxiety, etc. and includes a background of binaural sound (use headphones), at 110Hz. EEG tests that detect the brain’s electrical activity have found that at 110 Hz,… Read More »

Generate giftcards and code for your favorite sites

Generate : Generate giftcards and code for your favorite sites +-+-+-+- successive over relaxation method galiano la cita end of the year sungkyunkwan scandal ola vizingo mikey curtis weihnachtsdessert NZZ Format stunt rider indonesia billionaire bruno mars colegio de imagen publica decomposition graficos de gta v para gta san andreas pc céticos ceaușescu hiveswap trailer… Read More »

Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief: Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, & Panic

Hello and welcome to AnewMeHealthy Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief, Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, and Panic. This audio was created out of a request from a follower who prefers to listen to the raw binaural beats over listening to binaural beats that are blended in with music. If you prefer the music blends… Read More »

Pranayama Deep Breathing Music “GUIDED TEXT MEDITATION” with Pure Tone Binaural Beats

We’ve created this track inspired by the Visamavrtti Pranayama as a daily breathing control exercise. Using binaural beats and isochronic tones with frequencies of 12Hz and 220Hz, they are associated with the lungs that with effects to breathing and taste. It provides centering, mental stability and vitality. Slow diaphragmatic breathing has been shown to have… Read More »