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sexual assault awareness month

MAY TRIGGER ..but this is not my story so it should be to bad… http://www.rainn.org/get-help the rainn web sit.. rainn stands for The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network http://www.ywca.org/site/c.cuIRJ7NTKrLaG/b.7527667/k.C931/Local_Associations/apps/kb/cs/contactsearch.asp these is a link to the YWCA not all but a lot of ywca’s have free therapy for women and teen’s that have been sexually… Read More »

PTSD: How to Help A Loved One & Yourself – Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.

www.TheDrWaltonSeries.com – Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D., a counseling therapist in Los Angeles, discusses post traumatic stress disorder. He explores what it is, what causes it, and how it can be treated. Dr. Walton goes into an in-depth discussion of its symptoms and how you can help a loved one recover from it. He also… Read More »