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Let’s Eat! Ep.3 – BBQ Chicken Pizza & Root Beer [ ASMR ]

Welcome to the third installment of the series where I enjoy a locally made BBQ chicken pizza and some Virgil’s root beer, to help you relax, sleep and hopefully enjoy some ASMR. Tingle on! Channel info: Video Playlists: http://bit.ly/11VLizJ Consider becoming a supporting Patron: http://bit.ly/1EZgmNi Select audio available to listen & purchase (Please note: I’ve… Read More »

Here in my garage [ ASMR ] [ Tai Lopez Parody ]

I share with you a sample of my proven ASMR methods that will help you tingle, relax, sleep, concentrate or otherwise ease your mind no matter if you’re human or otherwise. Channel info: Video Playlists: http://bit.ly/11VLizJ Consider becoming a supporting Patron: http://bit.ly/1EZgmNi Select audio available to listen & purchase (Please note: I’ve switched distributors so… Read More »

Medical Checkup & A.S.M.R. with Dr. Sheldon Winslow, MD

The newest addition to the Arkham Sanitarium medical staff, Doctor (and Barber!) Sheldon Winslow, pays you a visit to perform a checkup and A.S.M.R. (Arkham Sanitarium Method Relaxation). Timeline: 00:02:40 Preview of A.S.M.R. treatment items 00:07:35 Medical questionnaire 00:15:30 Medical checkup 00:19:50 Eye exam 00:23:30 Calming hoof movements method 00:27:00 Hoofing treatment 00:30:45 Ear brushing… Read More »

Whispered Binaural ASMR Session ( Trad. ASMR Week #4 May 2016 )

Welcome to another whispered binaural ASMR session, and the final one for Traditional ASMR Week May 2016, where I explore a variety of audio and visual stimuli meant to help you relax, induce your ASMR, concentrate, sleep and/or calm your mind, especially if you’re dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD or any number of… Read More »

The Candy Man 8 – Something Old, Something New [ ASMR ]

Once again the Candy Man visits his favorite client with a variety of confections, some old and some new: 05:25 Peanut butter chocolate popcorn 10:30 Moon Pie 16:15 Razzles 21:40 Choc-Aid 27:50 Chick-o-Stick 33:20 Neccos 38:10 Slo Poke 42:35 Candy Blocks 46:30 Zagnut 49:50 Bottle Caps 54:25 Chuckles 58:20 Pop Rocks All goodies were purchased… Read More »

A Calm Rainy Night in the Garage – Traditional ASMR Week May ’16 #2

Welcome to a very last-minute, impromptu video recorded in my garage while it’s raining at night. This video was planned to be a speaking version of the prior video, but I thought the rain hitting the garage roof would make for some great ambiance. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of trigger sounds in this video… Read More »

ASMR & Beer #53: Pauwel Kwak & Solitaire

Welcome to another episode of ASMR & Beer where I taste a new brew I haven’t tried before, share my humble little opinion of it then play a game of solitaire, all to help you relax, focus, sleep and/or trigger your ASMR. What is ASMR? Check the very bottom of this description. Stay tuned for… Read More »

“A Recipe for Relaxation” with Chef Corvus, ASMR Culinary Plague Doctor

Arkham Sanitarium’s own Plague Doctor, Corvus D. Clemmons, is now also one of the resident chefs, and is here to help you relax, by creating a culinary cuisine consisting of only the finest in delectable sounds. We hope you enjoy! Compliments of the chef. Ingredients: 06:45 2 boiled eggs 11:50 A dash of lemon 16:30… Read More »

Traditional Binaural ASMR Session – Crinkle Sounds – For Sleep & Relaxation

Welcome to another no frills, binaural whispered ASMR session full of crinkle sounds. The visuals and audio slowly diminish and fade out over the course of the video. This is something new I wanted to try meant especially for those using the video to sleep. I also explore and experiment with the sounds and textures… Read More »

Sanctuary 2 – ASMR Relaxation Session with Positive Affirmations

Welcome to Sanctuary, a relaxation series specially dedicated to those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) where I try to convey a sense of safety while using a variety of ASMR triggers, such as hand movements, whispering and sounds from various objects, to help calm the viewer, ease their minds, relieve their stress and… Read More »