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Emotionally Unavailable Mother | healthcare, psychology & wellness w/Kati Morton

Here’s the question I received on the website: “One topic I’d love for you to discuss on your channel someday is recovering from an emotionally abusive, emotionally unavailable, or generally ‘mean’ mother. How do we heal from the hurt of not having a ‘good-enough’ mother? As adults, how do we fulfill that longing to be… Read More »

What is TRAUMA THERAPY? Psychology & mental health treatment with Kati Morton licensed therapist

What is trauma therapy? What is resilience and more importantly, what is the goal of trauma therapy? Today I talk with trauma specialist Dr. Alexa Altman about all things trauma therapy and wellness. We decided to start by defining trauma. Trauma is when we are bumped out of our resilient zone, meaning that we do… Read More »

How to help kids deal with stress during these uncertain times

In this video, Dr. Melrose helps parents comfort their kids through these tough economic times. Visit www.DrMelrose.com Psychologist Dr. Reggie Melrose is the best-selling author of The 60 Seconds Fix and creator of Brain Charge™: The K-12 Curriculum. She has authored several other noteworthy resources including the groundbreaking books, You Can Heal Your Child and… Read More »


A short-documentary created for my multimedia composition class. I made this with the intention of wanting to teach people about what it’s like to have generalized anxiety disorder, but I also want anyone watching this who also has anxiety, or any mental illness, to know that you are not alone and that you are not… Read More »

Download Trauma Psychology [2 volumes]: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness

Trauma Psychology [2 volumes]: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness (Contemporary Psychology (Hardcover)) – Trauma Psychology [2 volumes]: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness (Contemporary Psychology (Hardcover)) Trauma Psychology [2 volumes]: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness (Contemporary Psychology (Hardcover)) Trauma Psychology [2 volumes]: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness (Contemporary… Read More »

Reclaim Your Life from Posttraumatic Stress – NLP and Self-Hypnosis iPhone / iPad and Android App

iPhone App: pending Android App: pending MP3: ***** Changed an EMT’s life – Jacob “Reclaim Your Life from Posttraumatic Stress has helped me get past some intense memories that were haunting me. I still remember the events but the emotions are mostly gone. Closure really makes a difference and I’m amazed that it happened listening… Read More »

Nature vs. Nurture: How Does It Effect Anxiety? | Anxious

Anxious is a short video series by Ben Fama Jr. featuring psychologist Dr. Christine Frydenborg Dargon that explores anxiety and anxiety disorders. Produced by Mesa Fama Directed by Ben Fama Jr. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Support this channel: Source: Youtube

Out of the prison called anxiety!

Join Megan Hill and Susanna Mittermaier as they invite you to a different possibility beyond anxiety. Time to access the ease and the space called You? What is Pragmatic Psychology? Pragmatic Psychology is offering tools and different perspectives on how to get out of being the effect of other people, your past, your life story… Read More »

Stigma Towards Mental Illness/Depression: Lose the word “Loser”!

IMAGINED OR REAL, STIGMA is NO FUN and NO LAUGHING MATTER. It is a challenge in self help. Self Helping can include dealing, of course, with how others react to mental illness, depression, symptoms, life experiences, etc. I share how I deal, with my program, with all this. Source: Youtube

Raped, Abused & PTSD! But What Happened Next Was Mind Blowing!

My Story: Sexual Assault, Abuse, PTSD. From the age of 4 until the age of 16, Anne was abused by her mother. It was relentless. Then aged just 17 Anne was gang raped. This shaped her life. BUT, aged 37, something happened that blew Anne’s mind and changed her life forever. Tag a friend who’s… Read More »

Igniting Innovation — where you least expect it!

The Queen’s University, Department of Psychiatry is a relatively small academic department. However, its presence within the School of Medicine at Queen’s, one of Canada’s leading universities, facilitates the opportunity to foster innovation in all of our endeavours. With an international reputation for scholarship, research, social purpose, and spirit, we are well poised to successfully… Read More »

IBS Self Help On Tap with EFT

IBS Self Help On Tap with EFT Alan Kirwan Therapist Hypnosis , EFT , CBT , Life Skills , Ballyjamesduff Co Cavan Ireland Creator of Self Development Recordings & Videos Author of Emotional First Aid on Tap CHP , CBT , EFT-ADV, APC CCMT , MBIH Dip. Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling , Certified Life Skills Consultant,… Read More »