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Project UROK User Neo on Depression, Social Anxiety and Bullying

This is a video from Neo, who talks about her experiences with depression, social anxiety, bullying, and isolation. You can help us make more #mentalhealth videos by donating to UROK – every donation is matched dollar for dollar up to $70k :D! Don’t forget to subscribe! It’s easy to make your own Project UROK video–… Read More »

Airline Outbursts & Panic Attacks – EXCLUSIVE!

What happens when an airline attendant or pilot hysterically insists that the flight is going to crash or that it’s 9-11 all over again? Is it a panic attack or something much more serious? Please stay tuned as InsidersHealth’s Kimberly Walleston interviews Dr. Leslie Seppinni, Clinical Psychologist, as they explore the various scenarios which may… Read More »

8 Powerful Tips to Overcome Symptoms of Stress-Anxiety-Panic & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

8 Powerful Tips How to Overcome Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Panic Attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that you can start using right now. Having worked through (and always working through still) heightened energies, emotions, and experiences that contribute to increased incidences for stress and anxiety, as well as recognizing and witnessing… Read More »

Insomniac Vlog | PTSD Flash Backs | Panic Attack | EMDR

Last night was really hard on me. A lot of things hit me at once and I decided to document it, to show the ugly but real side of mental illness. It’s hard for me to upload these types of videos, but here you go. I want to be real and show what mental illness… Read More »

4 Simple Steps to Cure Chronic Anxiety

I’ve created four simple steps to turn anxiety and panic attacks in inner peace and love. The steps are 1) Acknowledge 2) Accept 3) Release 4) Replace. I describe what this steps mean to me, and how I use then, and along with other strategies that have helped me gain control of my anxiety and… Read More »

My First Experience Having a Panic Attack

Instead of making videos specifically for mental illness awareness week everyday is mental illness week on my channel so I decided to just put up 5 videos for you! I hope you enjoy your daily dose of LikeKristen videos this week and remember that there is NO SHAME in talking about mental health openly. ▷… Read More »

ASMR Ear to Ear Night-Time Comfort to Help You Feel Safe | Nightmares/PTSD/Anxiety

**Warning** You may need to lower your volume as audio is a bit louder than usual. This is a request video and is for anyone who suffers from nightmares, terrors, PTSD, panic attacks or simply for those times when you wake up feeling anxious and afraid (for whatever reason) and you need someone to help… Read More »

How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid of Headaches and Anxiety

Lavender is an extraordinary plant which stabilizes mood and acts as an efficient analgesic agent. It has provided excellent effects in the case of painful and chronic headaches. It is especially useful in the case of stress and tension headaches. Its calming scent relaxes the senses. Lavender is considered to be a great treat for… Read More »

Top 10 Signs of an Anxiety Attack: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

I’m here to help people who have experienced narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships to first discover, understand and overcome the abuse, and then to (re)discover their true selves and move forward into their genuine desires – into a life that is exactly what they choose for themselves. You feel me? Subscribe to this channel for… Read More »

MY LIFE BEHIND THE LENS | Anxiety & Depression Vlog!

MY LIFE BEHIND THE LENS | Follow Me Around For A Week + Anxiety & Depression Talk | THUMBS UP if you ♡ it and please SUBSCRIBE – it’s totally FREE!! WATCH IN 1080HD! Click for MORE: ________________________________ Happy Weekend ♡ So in this vlog I’ve decided to do everything a little different as you… Read More »

ASMR Caring Friend “You Are Safe” | PTSD | Personal Attention Head Massage & Face Caressing

**PLEASE WEAR YOUR EAR PHONES FOR THE BEST ASMR EXPERIENCE ** Hello Friends! Because I have had many people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety contact me telling me that my videos help them feel safe and relaxed, I decided to do a video (as requested by a viewer) dedicated to anyone who suffers from… Read More »