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24 uur met [24 hours with] Matthias Schoenaerts (2016) (with English subtitles)

Matthias Schoenaerts on the Dutch talk show “24 uur met…” (24 Hours With…), hosted by Theo Maassen. Originally aired on February 21, 2016. English subtitles by Eveline De Waele. Revised by ShirleyCobain. PS: If anyone would like to add subtitles in another language, this is the link to send it: Follow me on Twitter! __________________________________… Read More »

Can Cannabis Cure Epilepsy in Children? 5 Year Old Child Seizure Free Due to Cannabis CBD Oil – SGTV

http://smokersguide.com – Uncle Stoner talks to Peter Starostecki, father of Stefan Starostecki; a 5 year old medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis to control his seizures. Subscribe for more videos like this – http://tv.smokersguide.com Find related videos in our series & playlists – http://playlists.smokersguide.com ~Get 10% discount on all products (excl. tobacco and blunt wraps),… Read More »