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Narcissism Survivors’ Double Standards and Hypocritical Channels

Today’s video is about channels with double standards and hypocritical content. I’m very concerned about people trying to obtain healthy and valid information about narcissism on the internet, just to find themselves bombarded by channels with double standards and hypocritical content. DISCLOSURE: The videos’ contents of this channel are a “one man’s opinion.” The author… Read More »

Tyler1 Football Highlights

Tyler1 Football Highlights / Montage. I will be putting out lots of draft eligible player highlights over the next few weeks. Enjoy these Draven mechanics. – Instagram @ATHLETESWITHSWAG https://instagram.com/athleteswithswag – Song – Aywy. & EphRem – Adderall – Credit Song – NOMA – Brain Power – Contact Me Email: HighlightGenius@hotmail.com – Twitter: @HighlightGenius https://twitter.com/highlightgenius –… Read More »

The Ponce Formula – VeteransVLOG

There are times when I get down on myself or think about our fallen warriors. I begin to feel like everything is just dark and hopeless. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57glH4e7A2M260iwIoI1uQ I have used a formula that I came up with that has not only helped me but others that I have had come across in past years. I… Read More »

Patient with 2 failed sinus surgeries

https://youtu.be/Cslumfv2th4 Dr. Siegfried www.oregonwellnesscare.com McMinnville: 503-472-6550 Portland: 503-977-0055 Patient with 2 failed sinus surgeries This patient had 2 failed sinus septum surgeries to restore his breathing and relieve his chronic sinusitis, headaches, and inability to breathe through his nose. Chronic sinusitis, sinus infections, and many sinusitis medicines were part of his life. Dr. Siegfried’s nasal… Read More »

Black Desert – Warrior PvP (eu) Ep.2 PTSD

My main question is length, How long should my videos be?:) This video felt short to me but i had some people tell me the first video was too long.. Let me know in comments what you think! Stay below 20min? Or make them 20-30min long? Or even longer? Viewers choice! Oh and ye.. My… Read More »

The War Against PTSD

I am not a soldier and I don’t suffer from PTSD so I have no idea what it feels like, but I do know what soldiers have to go through and what they have experienced. So I made this video about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Donate Here: http://militaryminds.ca/ My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SoldierSalutes My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SoldiersSalutes My… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Agoraphobia Depression Anxiety

In 2005 I made this little video to show myself to my friend. It is symbolic because I hide behind my camera or my flute. In 2003 I am became a victim of a criminally insane attorney who is bi-polar. The Assistant Attorney General of NC said they could no longer protect me and I… Read More »