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E.Askelsson. Life with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD)

Music by Einar Askelsson Poem (I think) is by Sammy Payne. I found this poem somewhere on the internet and it touhed my heart since I can feel the emotions personally. I wrote this song some time ago. For instance saw it one of my files and decided to record instantly on my mobile and… Read More »

Madwoman – Original Song by Amy Oestreicher

After surviving severe trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you will find yourself juggling your two worlds, and it can feel like madness Others may not understand it. (After doctors reconnected my physical insides, many people didn’t understand why I was still battling to heal emotionally.) But that madness is the inner fire that we… Read More »

50-Year-Old Nigerian Woman, Afolake Adeniji Arrested For Child Trafficking In The UK

A 50-year-old Nigerian woman identified as, Afolake Adeniji, has been apprehended in the UK by the Police for allegedly tricked a Nigerian teen into flying to the U.K to be her family’s slave under the pretence of a better life, has claimed she was “part of the family.” The accused arranged for Iyabo Prosper to… Read More »

Self Esteem| War, Depression, PTSD, and Faith — Benjamin Sledge

Self Esteem| War, Depression, PTSD, and Faith — Benjamin Sledge Benjamin Sledge, Director of HeartSupport shares his story of war, PTSD, depression, and his experience with church. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red started an online non-profit called HeartSupport to give his fans a place to talk about and overcome their struggles. His vision is… Read More »


A powerful pure tone brainwave entrainment track as an alternative remedy to sinus congestion, colds, and headaches. It has binaural beats that range from 1.2Hz to 3Hz, which are associated with sinus congestion and headache relief, and isochronic tone of 20Hz which relates to fatigue relief and used to remedy sinus disorders, sinus infection, head… Read More »