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Jerry plays “Confusion” by Metallica

THIS VIDEO IS CURRENTLY UNLISTED. PLEASE RESPECT THAT! April 19th 2018 Music and lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. Metallica’s “Confusion” is about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) associated with war veterans. Then again… I’ve hit some rough times over the last few years and I think I hit a rock bottom of sorts. Probably… Read More »

Aboulia – Insomnia

Aboulia – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Taken from upcoming album “Alone In Despair” out on April 26 Lyrics: I’ve been thinking about you all this night I cannot wait to see you once again with that shining big smile Forgive me for leaving you alone, you know this time I won’t let you down again I… Read More »


ADONIS BLACKWELL – black, mid-late 30’s, is a mentally ill, Machiavellian narcotics-trafficker and haunted man, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. His hardship of his past created who he is today. He was psychologically damaged at nine-years-old after witnessing his father’s death from a heroin overdose, the same drug that becomes his… Read More »

Aboulia – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Aboulia – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Taken from upcoming album “Alone In Despair” out on April 26 Lyrics: I’m falling, my mind is breaking down War’s over, sequels remain now The feeling of death inside my thoughts Screaming sounds through all my bones Dissecting the memories I had Diagnosing an illness in my mind Nightmares are… Read More »

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How To Get Free Gift Cards Now?

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The Screaming Chihuahua is Back!

Jesse The Screaming Chihuahua is Back seeking your attention! He’s Crying because he wants you! Jesse is a victim of #PTCSD Post Traumatic Chihuahua Stress Disorder from being left abandoned in a box for 3 weeks! Please take care of you pets! They are part of your family! Source: Youtube

Strategic Failure+ (2016)

Strategic Failure+ is the extended version of the album Strategic Failure released on 2016. It contains extra tracks and remixes from extended plays from this year. Album storyline: On 31st March 2016 a nuclear fallout annihilated 7.3 billion people. Operational military forces are the only ones who survived. Tracklist: 00:00:03 01.The Last Joke Of The… Read More »

Get $1000 Card – (100% Working)

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