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Borderline Personality Disorder – Human Beings, Not Monsters

Alright, so this video was one of the more difficult ones to make, since my knowledge of BPD when starting to plan it was lacking. However, thanks to Tog and the free time I had to research, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be getting the information I needed to make this… Read More »

Ramble about Paul Joseph Watson and Depression

So, I still like PJW and enjoy his content, but I do think that his views on depression are a tad misinformed and flawed. I dunno… PJW’s video: My Teespring Store: My DeviantArt: Donate here if you feel like it: New Second Channel: Twitter: Minds: Email: missmisarants@gmail.com My Patreon: Source: Youtube

The Thing about SOME Anti SJWs and PTSD…

So, this video was one that I actually found quite interesting to do. I like the idea of having to do research for videos rather then just doing rambles and rants all the time, so this may be something I try and do for my facecam videos more often. I prefer it to just ranting… Read More »