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Bipolar/Borderline and strange symptoms to look out for

Please donate here: Paypal donate page: THANK YOU! Every pound or dollar helps me to keep this channel going x x Hi friends In this video, I explain how illness of the physical nature, can affect mental illness, bipolar, borderline personality disorder and other mental illnesses. Signs to look out for, when to see your… Read More »

The False Image that the Narcissist has Created of You

DISCLAIMER: This video has copyrighted content. Please be well advised that some viewers may find certain images disturbing. The narcissist and or cluster B personality is often jealous of others around him or her. Their false self-image must be the ultimate winner at all times. Narcissists do not like to share the spotlight, even when… Read More »


The Byron Private Rehab and Trauma Treatment Centre, treating addictions and mental health. We are able to treat drug addictions, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, trauma / post-traumatic stress disorder, sex addiction, relationship issues and eating disorders. Byron Private is unique in its philosophy and approach, unlike any other treatment centre worldwide. The purpose built facility is… Read More »

Emotional Landmarks & Trauma Nightmares (vlog)

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24 km Tire Flip in 24 hrs – PTSD / Mental Health Awareness

BC NDP Cabinet Minister Shane Simpson Executive Director Stacy Wilson – TWC Owner – Operator Dennis Vincent – Coast to Coast helicopters Founder – Executive Director – Terrance Kosikar – Camp My Way www.campmyway,com producer – Mountain Shack Media sponsored – Together We Can Summit Lodge Whistler Ergogenics Sports Nutrition Source: Youtube

PTSD – Mental Health Awareness – Tire Flip Whistler Village Feb 12

In Memory: Olympic Luge Athete Nodar Kumaritashvili Feb 12 – 2018 – PTSD – Mental Health Awareness Tire flip throu Whistler Village Producer – David Buzzard Sponsored – Summit Lodge Together We Can Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center Camp My Way Source: Youtube

ITJM #1 Enjoying the Journey to Success, Overcoming Obstacles, PTSD, and Crazy Relationships

I’m so excited to share the first ever InsideTheJoshMind with you guys. In this episode, Chris and I talk about practical ways to change your mindset, overcome life’s obstacles, and stay on track to reaching your goals. Both me and Chris have lived through extreme difficulty in our lives, have PTSD, and developed ways to… Read More »

PTSD Treatment – “Group” work the secret sauce in Wounded Warriors C.O.P.E. + T.R.P. program success

Dr. Tim Black joins us to speak about the success of Wounded Warriors’ C.O.P.E. and T.R.P. programs. www.woundedwarriors.ca In today’s episode we discuss the “WHY” of PTSD. Dealing with trauma is a natural process, that if not allowed to finish will result in the symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Black explores the factors that can interrupt… Read More »

Managing PTSD With Self Reflection | Natasha Harbert

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos! 📷 Camera: Sony HX-80 * 💻 Computer: MacBook Pro * ►BE MY FRIEND: ***************************************************************** ►Welcome to my channel. Todays video is about how I use personal reflection to manage my PTSD. What are some ways you found personal reflection has helped you manage your PTSD?… Read More »