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Yoga to Release Jaw Tension from Grinding Teeth, Clenching, TMJ

Yowza! Do you have jaw tension or do you grind your teeth at night? Karuna provides a super effective and easy-to-remember sequence that melts jaw tension. This ten-minute sequence is great during the day–but is also wonderful right before drifting off to sleep at night……(insert wondrous sigh here!). You can also see her additional YouTube… Read More »

Abraham Hicks 2017 – Post traumatic stress disorder released by focus

Abraham Hicks 2017 Newest workshop excerpts: Stamford 10/8/2016 Photo of actor Charlie Hunnam published by Man of the World magazine, all rights reserved. Thank you for watching, please support the work we love by liking, sharing and subscribing! These workshops are LIFE-CHANGING, be sure and go check out when one will be happening in your… Read More »

10 Signs of Spiritual Maturity: It’s nothing to do with your age!

Spiritual maturity cannot be charted on a spreadsheet and has nothing to do with your age! Yet tangible symptoms of spiritual maturity do lend themselves to a well-lived life. Karuna offers ten signs of spiritual maturity that help you savour the moment and be inspired to learn more. See Karuna’s full blog post for the… Read More »

DHCC Treats Wounded Warriors with Yoga

From the Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC): The Specialized Care Program (SCP) is a three-week, multidisciplinary, therapy program that uses evidence-based individual and group therapy, alternative therapies such as acupuncture and yoga, physical activity, and structured learning on issues related to mind/body reactions to combat stress. It has two tracks: Track I focuses on war-related… Read More »

WHITE NOISE For ANXIETY Relief {Calm your mind and body } Relaxing soothing for 1 hour

WHITE NOISE For ANXIETY Relief {Calm your mind and body } Relaxing soothing sound for 1 hour White Noise helps to concentrate on your work by giving you a immediate relief from ANXIETY which calms you from the pressure of work stress and help you to fall in sleep fast enjoy. Please Share and Subscribe.… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Help for Veterans (and everyone!) :032

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a very real thing for many individuals Nicole Lovald, a trained counselor, life coach, yoga teacher and yoga studio owner shares in this interview how she got into helping veterans (and civilians) with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Married to a service member, Nicole has a unique perspective and… Read More »

Stuck In A Victimhood Mentality? Depression, Funk, Sadness, Blues, PTSD, and Self-Pity

Best-Selling Author and Mind Body Life Consultant and Coach Frederick Entenmann discusses being stuck in a victimhood mentality and overcoming depression, funk, sadness, blues PTSD, .. Source: Youtube