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Pot: Putting it in Perspective #regulation #education #cannabis

Miracle cure or the most dangerous drug in America? Cannabis is one of the most polarizing topics, and conversations often devolve into cultural myths. But the stakes are high and we need to look at the facts. With legalization of cannabis fast approaching, Canada needs to solve the puzzle of regulation. In this video, I… Read More »

5&6 The Curfew – Cosmic Abandonment, Self Murder, and RE: Darryl Sloan

1. Conclusion of “The Curfew” and beginning of “The Dialectical Agenda”(whenever I do that) – Logical conclusion to Cosmic abandonment is the same as parental abandonment. 2. I hurl sadistic abuse at Daryl Sloan. I discuss the extremes of self abuse, I am a half Scots Irish drug addicted alcoholic. I end with A MESSAGE… Read More »

Ep. 36 – A Canadian veteran’s journey to recovery with medical cannabis

On this episode of The Cannabis Show, Canadian military veteran Mike Parsons shares his inspiring story in using medical cannabis to treat symptoms related to a hip injury and PTSD, weaning himself off a “cocktail” of pharmaceuticals, and reconnecting with himself, friends and family. “I was on about nine different medications for about 10 years… Read More »

Concluding thoughts on Cannabis, Addiction and self medicating.

The concluding report of the use of Cannabis by the Christian either by misuse or for the purpose of self medication to treat symptoms. The dangers of psychoactive THC even with the balance of CBD can stimulate all natural desires or lusts or appetites and can seriously distort consciousness which can potentially unlock emotional suppressed… Read More »

US Drug Trial: Can Cannabidiol Cure Seizures? Dravet Syndrome, Severe Epilepsy, CBD THC Marijuana

Can Marijuana Cure Seizures? Boy Suffering From Epilepsy Treated With Cannabis Oil “Can cannabis be helpful in controlling seizures? This has been a pertinent question throughout the years and numerous studies and researches have been conducted to prove the worth of medical marijuana. Now, there is evidence whether marijuana can be helpful in treating epilepsy… Read More »

Unit Farm LED Update Cannabis Grow | Starting A New Weed Garden Series- Video 2

Get a LEAD light- Coupon Code- Growers Click Here to Subscribe – Get Exclusive Videos- This is the place to be if you are looking to grow your own Marijuana! We will cover everything you need to know in order to grow your own weed at home, set up a home grow, learn about cannabis… Read More »

Cannabis Research in Parkinson’s

Cannabinoids are interesting biological molecules and play a variety of important roles in our bodies. Dr. Camille Carroll talks about the known effects of cannabis for people with Parkinson’s. More information on the latest Cannabis research Subscribe for a new Parkinson’s research video every week What is Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s Drugs explained Source: Youtube

Weed for PTSD & John Lennon’s Deportation: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

August 22, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. VICE News explores how John Lennon’s deportation laid the groundworks for DACA. We talk veterans who are fighting for the right to use cannabis as treatment for PTSD and other ailments. Ben Rhodes explains Trump’s new Afghan policy. In the second episode of our… Read More »