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How Does Brain Work In Mental Health? – Manipal Hospital

This video is an informative animated presentation that explains in detail about brain and mental health. You or someone you know may have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, also known as a psychiatric disorder. This video will help you understand how the brain works in mental health and how problems can cause mental… Read More »

Magic Mushrooms Shown to Treat Depression in Terminal Cancer Patients

Magic mushrooms seem to be all the rage in medical research lately, as studies have found that shrooms can help with chronic depression, PTSD, anxiety, and now two new studies have found that mushrooms can help ease depression and fear of death in cancer patients. Subscribe to our New Complex Channel: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Subscribe to Complex… Read More »

Ecstasy Treatment for PTSD Sufferers Green-Lit by the FDA

Based on promising results from its preliminary trials, the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) reportedly gave the green light on Tuesday to a large scale Phase 3 clinical trial for using Ecstasy as a prescription drug to treat PTSD. The trial would be the final stage before approving the drug’s legal use. Subscribe to our… Read More »


IRON SPIDER VS IRON MAN – EPIC SUPERHEROES BATTLE The epic superheroes battle between Iron Spider vs Iron Man takes place in Grand Theft Auto V The Iron Spider Armor is an armor created by Tony Stark for Spider-Man during the Civil War event. It was later revealed that Tony Stark had kept a copy… Read More »


THOR VS IRON MAN ARMY – EPIC SUPERHEROES BATTLE Iron Man army including: Iron Man Mark 6, Iron Man Mark 21 (Midas-High-Altitude Suit), Iron Man Mark 35 (Red Snapper), Iron Man Mark 37 (Hammerhead), Iron Man Mark 26 (Gamma), Iron Man Mark 39 (Gemini), Iron Man Mark 38 (Igor), Iron Man (Crimson Dynamo) The epic… Read More »

Salty Language 235 – Tight & Loose

New Salty Language 235 – Tight & Loosewww.saltylanguage.com Tony and Bryan chat about the Suicide Squad trailer, first Wonder Woman footage, At The Drive-In touring, Boba Fett armor, Justice League Action cartoon, Amell on Legends of Tomorrow, NHL player hits an official, Fish Mooney back on Gotham, Deadpool poster mocks Green Lantern, a nasal spray… Read More »


Iron Man vs Joker & Harley Quinn G2A offers cheapest games in the market. Use discount code “KJRA” when check out to receive extra 3% off at: https://www.g2a.com/r/kjragaming The epic superheroes battle between Iron Man vs Joker & Harley Quinn takes place in Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man (Anthony Edward Stark, called Tony by… Read More »

What is a ‘Brain Orgasm’ (and why does it feel so good?)

Experiencing a pleasant tingle when someone crinkles paper isn’t as weird as you think. Millions of people are viewing YouTube videos of people whispering, crinkling bags and tapping on a variety of surfaces. The people who create this content have become Internet celebrities, amassing hundreds of millions of views. Welcome to the world of ASMR.… Read More »

Postal Traumatic Stress Disorder (GTAIV PC Machinima)

a short GTAIV Machinima about a VERY disturbed Mail Courier… enjoy! Apologizes to Germany… unfortunately you guys can’t watch this due to licensing issues. I’m currently working to fix this 🙂 Music in order as heard: Kool Kats — Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/ Mope — Bloodhound Gang Source: Youtube

Baton Rouge murder Live :Baton Rouge gunman posted this video on social media

Sunday’s ambush of police by Long, a 29-year-old black man, came nearly two weeks after a police officer shot and killed Alton Sterling, a black Baton Rouge resident, outside a convenience store in the city onGavin Long said he suffered from PTSD, source tells CNN Gavin Long said he suffered from PTSD, source tells Baton… Read More »