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What is Sleep Paralysis?

When our body goes into the 5th and final stage of sleep otherwise known as REM sleep, our mind disconnects itself from the body, so that when we dream we don’t hurt ourselves or someone else. When we awake during this stage of sleep our mind wakes up but our body cannot move. Sleep paralysis… Read More »

Spiritual Bypassing | How To Be Spiritual By Avoiding Pain

SPIRITUAL BYPASSING | HOW TO BE SPIRITUAL BY AVOIDING PAIN & SUPPRESSING EMOTIONS In this video we discuss spiritual bypassing and how to be spiritual. We often try to be spiritual by avoiding pain and suppressing emotions, suppressing anger and other suppressed feelings that don’t FEEL spiritual. Unfortunately, this causes a cognitive dissonance within our… Read More »

Mental Health & The Armed Forces

Try​ ​BetterHelp:​ Plans​ ​start​ ​at​ ​$35​ ​a​ ​week​ ​(billed​ ​monthly).​ ​Must​ ​be​ ​18+​ ​to​ ​signup. Thank​ ​you​ ​to​ ​BetterHelp​ ​for​ ​sponsoring​ ​this​ ​video​ ​and​ ​for​ ​offering​ ​a​ ​cost​ ​friendly​ ​alternative​ ​to traditional​ ​therapy.​ ​I​ ​hope​ ​you​ ​all​ ​find​ ​this​ ​helpful​ ​and​ ​gives​ ​you​ ​hope​ ​for​ ​finding​ ​the​ ​support​ ​you need​ ​at​ ​a​ ​price​ ​you​ ​can​… Read More »

7 Tips to Stop Hypervigilence from PTSD

Hypervigilance is extreme or excessive vigilance : the state of being highly or abnormally alert to potential danger or threat. This can be caused by PTSD, anxiety or even paranoia (associated with another mental illness). It can cause us to be extremely sensitive to our surroundings, and even perceive dangers that are not real (ie.… Read More »

5 Tips for Dating with a Mental Illness

Any tips for being in a relationship when you have a mental illness? 1. Take care of yourself first! That’s why people always use the phrase “you can’t love someone else if you don’t first love yourself” because while we can care for others, and love them, if we don’t put ourselves first, that love… Read More »

What Happened to my Childhood? | Parentified Child

When our parents are not available or able to be parents, we can find ourselves acting as the parent for our siblings. When this happens, therapists call it being a parentified child. Being angry about this is very normal because in a way we are robbed of our childhood. We may have always had to… Read More »

I have a CRUSH on my Therapist!

This is always an interesting topic to discuss, and before I even get into why this happens and what is really means. I want you to know that it is NEVER okay for a therapist (or any other mental health professional for that matter) to hit on you or make any romantic advances. It’s against… Read More »

Healing After Sexual Abuse | Healing Childhood Trauma In Adults

HEALING AFTER SEXUAL ABUSE | HEALING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA IN ADULTS In this video we teach you steps to start healing after sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is an epidemic and healing childhood trauma in adults, especially sexual trauma takes bravery. Today, more than ever, sexual trauma healing is possible as more victims of sexual abuse are… Read More »

6 DBT Distraction Techniques & a PLAN! Dialectical Behavior Therapy

6 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Distraction Techniques You ask & you shall receive! In this video I talk about 6 distraction tools as well as how to create a distraction plan! I would encourage all of you to grab a 3×5 card and create your plan! Using the six tips you can come up with different… Read More »

What is Adjustment Disorder?

Adjustment disorder is characterized by symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even body aches as a result of a life changing event. This could be moving, loss of a loved one, or going through a divorce. We only call these feelings adjustment disorder when our response is greater than is expect based on what happened.… Read More »

How to recover from past abuse!

Being sexually abused as a child can lead to many issues with our sexual identity. Some reporting that they use sex as a form of self harm, while others engage in a lot of sex in order to take the control back. In the 2 video of the series I address all the symptoms we… Read More »

Trying to be perfect is bad for you!

Perfectionism is a personal standard to strain compulsively and unceasingly toward unattainable goals and to measure their self worth by productivity and accomplishment. There are many ways it can present itself in our life. Here are a few that I see most: black and white thinking, being critical of ourselves or others, having unrealistic standards… Read More »