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TMF – Live Video #2 : Dealing with Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and PTSD

This is a live video posted at 2am on Friday Jan 27th. A few nights prior I saw a many driving down the wrong side of the freeway and I called 911 to notify the police. But it wasn’t enough. That drive ended up killing 2 people. Point of this video is to encourage folks… Read More »


Hey there everybody I hope your having a great day! If not hopefully this video makes it better! Stay tuned for my next video! Leave a like when you drop by! It helps more than you think! Twitter- GIVEAWAY RULES! 1. Subscribe to me 2.Like the video 3. Leave a comment 4. Follow my twitter… Read More »


When a precocious fry cook’s questioning triggers an intense flashback for her boss, Colonel Harlan Sanders must struggle to keep his sanity before his inner demons are unleashed all over the place. What will become of this marvelous mogul’s poultry principality? Is it OK to say “gooks” on the internet? I don’t know. It’s probably… Read More »

Lets change the world today

This is my video I created in an attempt to get Morgan Freemans attention so I may talk with him. I have wrote a lot of words in reguards to what veterans and everyone else that has PTSD in order to survive. If this does not work then I will make a video of myself… Read More »