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This is Barry’s Story: The Emoji Scale for Veterans Health App

This is the story of Barry, a US Veteran who recently returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Barry describes his health and wellness journey and the moment the AgileMinder IBM Cloud sent an ambulance based on auto notifications to his Veterans healthcare doctors. According to the Department… Read More »

The Negative Aspects of Social Media in Daily Life and Dealing with PTSD

TITLE: The Negative Aspects of Social Media in Daily Life and Dealing with PTSD GUEST: Dr. Sanam Hafeez PRESENTER: Neal Howard OVERVIEW: In this segment, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, PsyD. Discusses working with individuals who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and offers brain boosting advice for a strengthened… Read More »

Emotionally Unavailable Mother | healthcare, psychology & wellness w/Kati Morton

Here’s the question I received on the website: “One topic I’d love for you to discuss on your channel someday is recovering from an emotionally abusive, emotionally unavailable, or generally ‘mean’ mother. How do we heal from the hurt of not having a ‘good-enough’ mother? As adults, how do we fulfill that longing to be… Read More »

Can We Prevent Brain Disease by Leveraging on Intestinal Microbes Across Lifespan?

The ability to maintain normal psychological and physical functioning and avoid serious mental illness when exposed to stress and trauma (such as consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder), a phenomenon known as resilience, is a topic that has been investigated over the past several years with increasing attention. At the Center for Molecular Integrative Neuroresilience, Dr.… Read More »

Medical Care for Mercury & Lead Poisoning & PTSD

I’ve been ill for eleven years after the City of Philadelphia dug up a toxic brownfield surrounding my house. When I reported the problems, the government launched a brutal retaliation campaign against me which multiplied injuries through years of varied crimes and assaults. Normal haz mat response and civil rights and safety were denied. I… Read More »

Chronos Therapeutics acquisitions bring hope for diseases of ageing | European CEO

By 2030, people aged 65 and up will account for nearly 20 percent of the world’s population. With the bulk of healthcare spending happening in old age, the potential for targeted medical interventions is huge. Dr Huw Jones and Dr Helen Kuhlman from Chronos Therapeutics discuss the lab’s current projects. Chronos has been working on… Read More »

Free Veterans Clinic to Combat PTSD

Have candidates glossed over traditional issues of substance important to voters? In the three presidential debates, veterans were only mentioned once each debate and always in the context of another subject. Nearly 3 million soldiers have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 in the Global War on terror. Hundreds of thousands of veterans… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and A Soldier’s Son

TITLE: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and A Soldier’s Son GUEST: Jack Estes PRESENTER: Neal Howard OVERVIEW: Jack Estes, author of the new novel “A Soldier’s Son,” and decorated Vietnam Veteran, discusses living with PTSD and what needs to be done to help veterans of all wars and their families to fully heal. For more information… Read More »

Root of PTSD symptoms: Anxiety, Hyper-vigilance, Hyper-arousal

Recovery from PTSD, Anxiety, Hypervigiliance / hyper-arousal and associated organ systems. Ultimately LOVE from God, receiving from the One True Source through Christ. Addiction is spiritual bondage to the Law, the OT which Christ fulfilled. Source: Youtube

Dr. Ruth Thompson-Miller’s Davis lecture – 4/26/16

“Intergenerational Trauma: Clinicians Trained to Diagnose and Treat Elderly African American Survivors of Jim Crow Suffering with Symptoms of Segregation Stress Syndrome (Collective PTSD)” as presented by Ruth Thompson-Miller, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton Source: Youtube

Soldier Who Murdered 5 Dallas Police Officers Asked For Help For PTSD

Micah Johnson the man who shot and killed five Dallas police officers in July apparently told doctors that he experienced nightmares after witnessing fellow soldiers getting blown in half. The Associated Press has secured documents from the VA Health Admin. under the Freedom of Information Act that reveal the Army Reservist sought treatment for anxiety,… Read More »