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PART 2 – Zzenn & Pippa Discuss Personal Pathworking vs Byron Katie (kundalini)

WEBSITE FACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK GROUP TWITTER ZZENN’S BOOKS Permission to be Human unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey Christopher Zzenn Loren is a Bio-Spiritual Philosopher, Author/Writer, Musical Artist, Subjective Explorer & SURVIVOR! ABOUT ZZENN – Zzenn teaches from a 30 year “New Age” spiritual journey. – He has experienced multiple Kundalini releases culminating in a full metamorphosis… Read More »

Exploring PTSD cures : calm the monkey, still the lizard and free the human

Check out my new course “The Discipline (2017) ➡ THE DISCIPLINE – A comprehensive course targeting the symptoms. answering questions from the forum my new facebook profile ——————————- Check out my new course “The Discipline (2017). Richard Grannon’s London Seminar, talking about the importance of setting boundaries in overcoming people please syndrome/ co-dependent patterns of… Read More »

Animaljam Trade attempts + Giveaway at 255 subs!

I will only give ONE item. Rules: No spamming No advertising No insulting people in the chat, you don’t have to like someone, but be kind No bullying, suicide/self-harm/mental illness jokes No intense sexual jokes (light ones like lemon or smut jokes are okay, but do NOT be detailed or gross with it and don’t… Read More »