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Secrets GIRLFRIENDS do in the Backyard together!

♡ Are you new to my channel? Subscribe to get your Freebird wings! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE “If you’re feeling down, remember that you are awesome. You are worthy of feeling happy, healthy, and loved. Keep your chin up and focus on what you are grateful for. If you are going through a tough time,… Read More »

Wanted Paedophile Manuel Pons Sanchez on X-Factor in 2009

A violent paedophile performed on The X Factor and worked in a hospital while he was wanted for raping a 10-year-old girl. Unknown to Simon Cowell, Manuel Pons Sanchez, 46, was being hunted for a string of horrific attacks when The X Factor supremo praised him in 2009. The Spaniard also worked as a porter… Read More »


It’s finaly here! Today we will look at types of Irony and spice it up with some awesome examples from Game of Thrones! Are you ready for the new season? I know I am) I have been rewatching the show and enjoying it all over again 🌏 subtitles are available as usual!) 🔃🔍Where to find… Read More »