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Depressed? Here’s Another Reason to Work Out

www.rxwiki.com The idea that exercise could help depressed patients isn’t a new one. But what could be a new idea is that it could also help their hearts. A new study from Emory University found that, while depression symptoms were linked to an increased risk of heart disease, regular exercise seemed to reduce this risk.… Read More »

Vitality Access Bars and Pre Workout Drink

(for more information: www.LeeSylvester.com) To get the most from Access, simply consume the bar or shake 15 minutes before beginning your activity. This will give your body the time it needs to kick-start the fat-burning process, and provide long-lasting fat-burning action so you will have the energy you need to work better, stronger, and longer… Read More »

FIBROMYALGIA-How I basically cured it!

Personal update on this condition https://youtu.be/NXBeED37uQ4 Re-upload. This is my story of Fibromyalgia. Unless I get a lot of requests, I will not make another video about it. I just wanted to let my viewers know my story. I am of course available on Twitter for help or questions! Thanks for watching! Song by supricky06… Read More »

Trauma Tips: Coping with The Affects of Trauma and PTSD

As a survivor of Trauma I am passionate about helping others not only survive but thrive. In this video, I list 6 steps you can take to work through the physical, spiritual, mental , and emotional tangle that can result from trauma… Website:Simonenuffsaid.com Email:simonenuffsaid@gmail.com Youtube:simonenuffsaid IG:@simonenuffsaid Source: Youtube

Day 10 of #22PushUpChallenge – for PTSD UK

Today’s charity money goes to PTSD UK (http://www.ptsduk.org) who seem to be a great charity raising awareness of resources and treatment options available for anyone with PTSD in the UK. I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching this the last week or so and it must be so scary and confusing to someone actually… Read More »

Day 2 of #22PushUpChallenge – for Mind

Made it to 22…just! Arms are definitely still complaining after yesterday. Today’s donation is going to Mind (www.mind.org.uk) a fantastic UK charity providing information and advice on all matters mental health, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. £22 is going to them! As I mention above, PTSD can affect anyone who has been through trauma, not just… Read More »