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Kundalini Energy Update | July | Vegetarianism & Returning To Normal

My Website In this video I cover the topics of how the kundalini energy is flowing. The lifestyle and dietary changes. The positive aspects as well as the challenges I have gone through recently. I talk about my father’s visit, vegetarianism, grounding into normalcy again, not finding a job, finding the right place to live… Read More »

Set, Speak & Hold Boundaries – Healing Success for Codependents

When you have CPTSD (Complex post-traumatic stress disorder) or are a HSP (highly sensitive person) or are an Introvert or Codependent, the rules for success are a little different. Often people don’t know how to identify when they need to set a boundary, and even if they do they don’t know what to say to… Read More »

Spiritual Evolution & Kundalini w/ Non-duality Teacher CRAIG HOLLIDAY

Interview with Craig Holliday, a renown spiritual teacher where we discuss the various topics: -His Initial Awakening and Symptoms -What Is Kundalini -How all humans are evolving whether they are on the spiritual path or not -How to open up to your emotions -The myth of ‘enlightenment means no suffering’ -Anxiety and Anger : what… Read More »

Doubting Oneself | Your Decisions & Spiritual Experiences

My Website: In This video I touch upon the topic of Doubting Yourself. Its a frequent one that crops up for many on this journey. The two main ones are doubting your spiritual experiences as well as doubting yourself when it comes to making choices. I dive into both and give you my tips and… Read More »

3 Ways Empaths Attract Narcissists And Self Sabotoge Relationships

Many narcissists are attracted to empaths, this video reveals 3 ways empaths attract narcissists and ultimately self sabotage relationships. Often we spend a large amount of time learning how to spot the narcissist, red flags of narcissistic behavior, and we learn why narcissists do this or act in this way. However part of healing is… Read More »

High Levels of Anxiety are Associated with High Intuition, Intelligence, and Empathy

Help ConsciousReminder raise the vibrations and SHARE this video with your family and friends. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- High Levels of Anxiety are Associated with High Intuition, Intelligence, and Empathy I am certain that high levels of anxiety come from the ability to retain high levels of both mental and emotional intelligence. I’ve noticed, the more I think… Read More »

Message from a Former Empath 2017 – The Highly Sensitive Christian

I would describe an empaths’ life as: “perceived or programmed imprisonment inside inherited and/or trauma-induced empathy”. If you are an empath, you were falsely taught a belief that you have the power to change the world, that you are responsible for it, that it is your mess to clean up, and that you have the… Read More »


Louis Hay delivers a powerful relaxation video to help you sleep as well as enhance your mind to release negativity and negative thoughts. Gain peace of mind at mindmeetssoul.blogspot.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Source: Youtube

PTSD is More Common Than You Think ~ Black Swan Sibyl Vlog 18 July 2017

All of my work is created out of my love for expressing the truth and inspiring hope, knowledge and justice to all beings. To support me in continuing doing this work, please show your appreciation for my movement by donating at To schedule a personal reading, coaching or healing session, check out the menu of options at Become a… Read More »