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They also broke my lucky bracelet and didnt provide therapy for patients. When patients had trouble processing emotions, the nurses would drug them and send them to their room. They made me take latuda, an antipsychotic, which later induced psychosis and shouldnt have been given to me. Keep up with me on instagram: marisadani9 Source:… Read More »

Healing from Complex PTSD: Relaxation and Affirmation Video

This is a remake of a relaxation video I did several months ago done by a valued member of this community. 🙂 (Thank you Paul!) This is a for those that are struggling with C-PTSD, with the hopes that it will help to provide them with both relaxation and positive affirmations. You matter. You are… Read More »

The Spiritual Ego, Spiritual Abuse, Codependence & The Sympathetic Self – For Empaths

Are you being controlled or manipulated by someone else’s spiritual ego or codependent ego through your sympathetic nature? How to tell and what to do if you are. For a review of what love is and is not, please visit these blog posts: What Love Is & What Love Does What Love is Not –… Read More »

Is Codependency a Personality Disorder? …Is it in the DSM?

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThriveAfterAbuse Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ThriveAfterAbuse Website: www.ThriveAfterAbuse.com Is codependency a personality disorder? Is it in the DSM? The short answer is “no and no.” The longer answer is “yeah kinda and no.” 🙂 The concept of codependency has been brought up several times over the years by different Psychiatrists and Psychologists who believe it is a… Read More »

How Do I Get Over Emotional Pain and Fear? Episode 53 of the “Ask a Question” Show

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThriveAfterAbuse Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ThriveAfterAbuse Website: www.ThriveAfterAbuse.com In this episode, “How Do I Get Over the Emotional Pain and Fear?” is brought up and discussed. “Anonymous” is close to four and half months out of a five-year emotionally abusive relationship. She is feeling hurt, numb, and scared, and doesn’t know how to even begin to feel… Read More »

A Brief History of Codependency

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThriveAfterAbuse Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ThriveAfterAbuse Website: www.ThriveAfterAbuse.com In this video, I cover a brief history of where the concept of codependency came from and how it’s evolved to where it is today. I recently started a book club! If you’d like to read (or would just like to read my notes) consider checking it out! Every… Read More »

Asperger’s syndrome (ASD) or Psychopathy?

A rant on Autism and psychopathy, inspired by: Psychopathy… Or Asperger’s Syndrome? ======== Autistic empathy explained: http://www.kennethrobersonphd.com/aspergers-syndrome-problem-empathy/ New theory on Autism and empathy: http://wrongplanet.net/interview-henry-and-kamila-markram-about-the-intense-world-theory-for-autism/ ======== I offer Skype and email coaching and counselling. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for you, feel free to contact me directly. http://www.facebook.com/MasteringTheMind/ http://www.mind-mastery.com https://www.patreon.com/mindmastery Source: Youtube

Autism & INFJ Confusion

[Dissociative disorders are characterized by an involuntary escape from reality characterized by a disconnection between thoughts, identity, consciousness and memory. The symptoms of a dissociative disorder usually first develop as a response to a traumatic event, such as abuse or military combat, to keep those memories under control. Stressful situations can worsen symptoms and cause… Read More »

How to Support Someone Recovering From Abuse? Episode 61 of the “Ask a Question” Show

In this episode, Eric asks, “How can I know what to expect from someone who has gone through Narcissistic abuse? My girlfriend is recovering from a relationship with a covert Narcissist, and I want to help, but I don’t want to bring anything up and re-traumatize or trigger her. How can I best support her?”… Read More »

Narcissistic Mothers, the Holidays, and Hoovering: Episode 66 of the “Ask a Question” Show

In this episode, “Anonymous” asks, “How can I prepare myself for my mother’s hoovering? She always uses holidays as an attempt to re-enter my life. Friends and family don’t understand.” I give my two cents, and I hope that you will too down below in the comments. Some points covered: – Most people who try… Read More »