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What is Dissociative Identity Disorder? Multiple Personalities | Mental Health with Kati Morton

Dissociative Identity Disorder is when there is a disruption of identity characterized by two or more distinct personality states. There must also be recurrent gaps in the recall of everyday events, important personal information and/or traumatic events that are inconsistent with ordinary forgetting. *all of this info is out of the DSM 5 DID is… Read More »

C-PTSD: You Can’t Get This From An Adult Relationship

Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is developed due to chronic abuse in childhood. It takes the betrayal of a parent or guardian to take hold and is magnified by repeated abuse. In order to explore the layers within the scale of psychosocial stressors that indicate the severity of trauma, I share my findings. As always, you… Read More »


We need a safer world for children Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya 7 July 2015 Interview with rights campaigner Farideh Arman Shocking news: Afghan Court acquittal of instigator of Farkhunda murder Insane fatwa: Malaysian Mufti calls for modest dress in “respect of Muslims” Good new: Sohail Arabi’s execution order suspended… Read More »

Meet My Alters / Personalities (part 2) | Progress Has Been Made

Updated video on meet my alters / personalities. Meet Autumn, Iris, the Host, and the Controller. A lot of progress has been made, but there is still more to overcome. In order to overcome the problem, you have to face it. I am learning to express myself better and am coming to terms with myself… Read More »

Do I Still Have Alters? | Meet My Alters / Personalities (part 3)

Do I still have alter personalities? Or was it all a lie and fake for attention and sympathy? The answer is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Rather, my own personal experience felt real to me, and whether or not it was dissociative identity disorder, or just trauma related dissociation in general, it was something… Read More »

Misconceptions of Dissociative Identity Disorder | A Message to Those Who Think DID is Fake

Many people are misinformed about dissociative identity disorder (DID) / multiple personality disorder (MPD) and think it is fake. It is a real condition that many people struggle with in various degrees. Strong validation comes from trauma and dissociation, the subconscious mind, hypnosis, and age regression. —Related Videos— ► Misconceptions of Mental Illness – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40EXqJ4DD9s… Read More »

Alters / Personalities / Identities & How They Are Created | Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

All about alters, identities, and personalities, as it relates to dissociative identity disorder (DID) / multiple personality disorder (MPD). How they are created, my alters, and how to properly deal with them. —Chapters— 5:27 – How Alters Are Created 8:40 – My Alters 10:32 – Host 11:00 – Protector 12:55 – Child 13:34 – Sexual… Read More »

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Traumatic Memory Mistakes

Do traumatic, dissociative memories always mean what they seem? Here’s a story about traumatic memories that may change your mind. Watch. — Accuracy of Dissociative Memory – http://ow.ly/P3YIt Dissociative Amnesia: Deeply Buried Memories – http://ow.ly/P3YQh Dissociative Living blog – http://ow.ly/P3HlR In-depth Dissociative Disorders Information – http://ow.ly/P3Hbs — Get Trusted Mental Health Resources, Information & Support… Read More »