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Healing Trauma & Transforming Lives With Transcendental Meditation | David Lynch Foundation

The David Lynch Foundation has taught Transcendental Meditation (TM) to half a million people suffering from traumatic stress. Watch this video discussing the epidemic of stress & how TM can release it through real life stories of transformation. “The epidemic of stress—the black plague of the 21st century—because modern medicine has no way to prevent… Read More »

Transcending Autism: Alex’s Story

http://tm.org Before he learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique, Yvonne couldn’t foresee a normal, independent life for her autistic son, Alex. Now she can. According to Alex, “TM has helped me to communicate with others, and get along with others, and be able to focus well on tasks.” His mother adds on, “Just seeing how Transcendental… Read More »

Message of thanks from David Shapiro, African PTSD Relief

African PTSD Relief is teaching Transcendental Meditation to thousands of PTSD victims in Africa. These are people who have been displaced, suffered violence, rape, abductions, the terror of regional warlords and the murder of loved ones. TM is helping heal the crippling PTSD they suffer. Research shows that in just 30 days, most Congolese war… Read More »