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How to help kids deal with stress during these uncertain times

In this video, Dr. Melrose helps parents comfort their kids through these tough economic times. Visit www.DrMelrose.com Psychologist Dr. Reggie Melrose is the best-selling author of The 60 Seconds Fix and creator of Brain Charge™: The K-12 Curriculum. She has authored several other noteworthy resources including the groundbreaking books, You Can Heal Your Child and… Read More »

Stigma Towards Mental Illness/Depression: Lose the word “Loser”!

IMAGINED OR REAL, STIGMA is NO FUN and NO LAUGHING MATTER. It is a challenge in self help. Self Helping can include dealing, of course, with how others react to mental illness, depression, symptoms, life experiences, etc. I share how I deal, with my program, with all this. Source: Youtube

Stress and Anxiety Overview

Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD Overview Stress in the short term boosts our ability to cope with stress, but when it becomes longterm it creates major problems with our health. When we’re stressed and don’t have the tools to deal with it, we repress the situation but it remains in our uconscious unresolved. This can lead… Read More »

Triggered! Trigger Warnings | To Laugh, Cringe, or How to Conquer It

I’m not new to this kind of thing. Yes, I have an anxiety disorder, chronic post traumatic stress and so of course there are things (a long list of things honestly) that trigger that. Some of which I’ve only just discovered fifteen years after being outside of my long term abusive situation as a child.… Read More »

Facing the Giants: 5 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar, PTSD

key coping skills and 5 crucial steps to overcoming anxiety, depression, bipolar, ptsd (while ignoring ALL the conventional wisdom!) How to gain control of your emotions and actions even if you are overwhelmed by anxiety/depression to a point of loss of work, relationships, or self-esteem. You’ll discover a unique formula used by Olympic Athletes to… Read More »