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Suicide & Losing Someone – psychology, ptsd and depression with Kati Morton

As a therapist who is talking about psychology & mental health on youtube; coping with suicide and the loss someone is something that comes up time and time again. Whether someone is suffering with PTSD or depression, there is treatment and therapy available. Often times when there is a death by suicide in our lives,… Read More »


Trauma. It can be a tricky thing to have to deal with. Many of us have been through a traumatic event in our lifetime, and many of us have PTSD as a result. Today we are talking about being traumatized but not having PTSD and what that can look like. Of all the things I… Read More »

What if my self-injury isn’t enough anymore? // Kati Morton Mental Health!

This video is about self-harm / self-injury and dealing with it… Coping skills can work for a period of time, but if the reason we are using them is gone, or if we haven’t changed or adapted the coping skill to fit our needs, it will stop working! This can mean that we are doing… Read More »

Coping Mechanisms | Positive Ways to Cope

Coping is mainly what we do to lessen stress, anxiety, depression, anything negative that is troubling us. It is generally conditioned within us, and the more we do it, the harder it becomes to break the habit. Many times it is something negative until we learn to get control over it and condition a positive… Read More »

Veterans With PTSD

You Are Not Alone Millions of veterans with ptsd live life after the military not knowing the symptoms, believing that ptsd is a stigma. It’s hard to realize what you have when you’re so blinded by drugs, alcohol and anxiety. You’re not weak, asking for help is the most couragous thing you can do. Feel… Read More »

How to Deal with PTSD Flashbacks

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intense flashbacks that make the person act, feel and think like they are back in the traumatic event. But you can stop or minimize the flashbacks. Becky Oberg, author of “Recovering from Mental Illness” discuss three positive, easy-to-use coping skills for dealing with PTSD flashbacks.… Read More »