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How to help kids deal with stress during these uncertain times

In this video, Dr. Melrose helps parents comfort their kids through these tough economic times. Visit www.DrMelrose.com Psychologist Dr. Reggie Melrose is the best-selling author of The 60 Seconds Fix and creator of Brain Charge™: The K-12 Curriculum. She has authored several other noteworthy resources including the groundbreaking books, You Can Heal Your Child and… Read More »

Sibling Sexual Abuse (MORE COMMON THAN WE KNOW)

Your Official Child Sexual Abuse Social Network: Come. Watch. Receive. Comment. Share. Tweet your questions and topic suggestions NOW to #NoMoreShame and tag us @AthenaMoberg @BobbiLParish @TraumaRecoveryU: Join Trauma Recovery Coaches +Athena Moberg and +Bobbi Logie Parish as they discuss childhood abuse between siblings, how it is different from abuse at the hands of an adult, and… Read More »

Un Simple Ejercicio de la Meditacion Caminando

http://www.lydiawong88.com www.lydiawong.net spanish url Walk your way to peace and calm with Tai Chi Walking Meditation. In addition to physical exercise, practice of the tai chi walk helps your relax your body and mind, so that you can develop a healthy body and a balanced mind. Prana Healing 101 First Saturday of Each Month Location… Read More »

Reddit ASMR | Hemp Seeds Nutrition

For Reddit ASMR | Hemp Seeds Nutrition Products Order Here – – http://bit.ly/hempseedsproducts To Learn more go here – – http://www.33skychimaster.com/explore Take advantage of the Reddit ASMR | Hemp Seeds Nutrition properties of hemp in three different ways: hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein. Reddit ASMR | Hemp Seeds Nutrition provide a solid nutritional… Read More »

Child Sexual Abuse – Suicidal Feelings As An Adult Survivor of CSA

I recorded this in response to Victoria’s story. Victoria saw Day 1 of my One-A-Day Challenge and made a video sharing her story with me. In it, she asked a few questions which I’ve responded to here – namely what my experience of a flashback was like, how it felt to feel suicidal, and what… Read More »

Mufuz – Root

thank you for your support! I hope this can aid you in your healing process and spiritual awakening process. Peace =D Check out my new Healing Android App at http://freehealings.webs.com/ Source: Youtube