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complex trauma Adult Survivors of chidhood Abuse movies full Documentary HD

complex trauma Adult Survivors of chidhood Abuse movies full Documentary Sonya has visited her GPs with a black eye and bruising. With a history of suicide attempts, she has been referred to a psychiatrist but attended only once and was lost to follow up. The panel’s discussion will review the key principles for effective assessment… Read More »


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Man Suing IBM Over Chat Room Firing Tad Nelson, Houston Attorney, Comments on the Case

James Pacenza was fired from IBM for visiting adult chat rooms while at work. He is suing the company for $5 million, stating that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sexual chat talk diverts his attention from Vietnam memories, and is therapeutic. Source: Youtube

PTSD and trauma in teens

http://creativecounselingcenter.com Being a teenager is a difficult stage to begin with and it only gets more complicated when they face a traumatic experience. It is life changing. Our team of counselors is trained in handling these very issues. We provide a safe place that allows the teenager to connect with their counselor and work through… Read More »

Adult PTSD recovery

http://creativecounselingcenter.com PTSD is usually the result of experiencing a terrifying and life threatening event. Keep in mind that after the traumatic event that mind and body are in complete shock. Each person’s experience will vary based on their own unique life story. However, what we often see is that the event tends to reawaken any… Read More »