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PTSD Doesn’t Discriminate

Regardless of how we as human beings might discriminate, PTSD does not. While I may genuinely care about the circumstances surrounding your PTSD diagnosis, I care not about it with regards to helping you see that there is a very real way out of the darkness…and I’m here to help. To join us, please follow… Read More »


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Never Used Code – Code Generator

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Psychopaths, Narcissists, and Borderlines Oh My! Part ll

If you would like to take advantage of the TalktoDavid service, please visit This video is meant to have fun with and please interact. Cluster b Personality disordered people are hard to differentiate but you can definitely have some fun with it. Thank you for watching and please vote for this video with a thumbs… Read More »

How to Help Someone with Bipolar Disorder

Helping Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Living with a person who has bipolar disorder can cause stress and tension in the home. On top of the challenge of dealing with your loved one’s symptoms and their consequences, family members often struggle with feelings of guilt, fear, anger, and helplessness. Ultimately, the strain can cause serious relationship… Read More »

Kini Cole Interview – Veterans With PTSD Training Jiu Jitsu

Kini “Grandinho” Cole shares his story about why he started a gym out of his garage and how he’s reached out to Veterans with PTSD through training Jiu Jitsu Full Episode: Jiu Jitsu Gypsies – Florida Source: Youtube

Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

A feature documentary about the resurgence of psychedelics as medicine.  Psychedelics can be potent tools for getting to know who we are, who we can be. and for healing the trauma of a society that is addicted to greed and consumerism. This film dares to break the taboo surrounding psychedelic medicines, by examining and revealing their proven potential… Read More »

How to know if you are an aspie in one simple question!

How to know if you are an aspie in one simple question! I have done some vlogs on the below subjects if you would like to learn more about me on those subjects, they are below: What does it feel like have an ASD when experiencing new things? My take on how you can tell… Read More »

Essay on Ptsd

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What is Sleep Paralysis?

When our body goes into the 5th and final stage of sleep otherwise known as REM sleep, our mind disconnects itself from the body, so that when we dream we don’t hurt ourselves or someone else. When we awake during this stage of sleep our mind wakes up but our body cannot move. Sleep paralysis… Read More »

Rain and Thunder Sounds for Deep Meditation and Sleep Relaxation Study and Mindful Rest

Rain and Thunder Thunder sounds throughout the track with calm rain. Purchase Meditative Music Recorded Created and Produced by David A Keller Copyright © Consuming Fire Artistic Creations All rights reserved. LLC David A Keller All original audio and video. Social Media Relaxing natural sound for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Also, use it while doing… Read More »

Art Therapy Brings Much-Needed Relief to Veterans

Veterans coming home from war suffer real challenges, including PTSD and higher rates of depression and suicide. One nonprofit in Palmdale is trying to help veterans cope with an unconventional tool: paintbrushes. Source: Youtube