What Happened to my Childhood? | Parentified Child

When our parents are not available or able to be parents, we can find ourselves acting as the parent for our siblings. When this happens, therapists call it being a parentified child. Being angry about this is very normal because in a way we are robbed of our childhood. We may have always had to act as the adult and therefore never had a chance to be child like or do any of the things our other friends were able to do. Working in therapy to process through this loss, and giving yourself the time to mourn the loss of your childhood can be so healing. Here is the question I just answered:

Hi Kati I’ve not watched your videos but things have been a bit rubbish lately so I’m back, I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that when I was a kid (I don’t remember what age it started but at least 5 maybe younger) I always was and am the person my mum comes to when she’s struggling (she has aspergers and was on anti-depressants when I was younger also my dad wasn’t supportive and they divorced when I was 8) Is it okay/ normal that I feel angry about having had to take on that adult responsibility from a young age even though I know she didn’t mean to hurt me?

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