Reno Doctor Keys to Hormones (problems) & Brain Injuries

Reno Alternative Medicine Doctor discussing hormone issues. Today we are going to go more into testosterone / estrogen issues correlating with brain injuries. See more information below in the description.

This is a topic that is very important to Dr Bill. One of his specialties is hormone replacement and treatment

He has helped veterans that were diagnosed with PTSD that it was discovered after the medications that the VA had prescribed were not helping, that the patient’s hormones were completely out of alignment.
In this video, at 3:44 we talk about testosterone for men and women.

Next at 4:13 someone who can have a brain trauma with testosterone issue attached to it

Interesting 5:12 information on what simple things can cause brain trauma and not even be aware you had it.

6:13 Dr Bill goes over the keys to correct amounts of testosterone to have for men and women and the mistakes that some clinics are doing and can cause heart issues, higher cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

7:53 Very important information about estrogen blockers and what difficulty they can cause.

9:20 solutions that are used to help the blood flow to the brain and possibly improve memory with someone with a head injury.

10:16 Dr C explains how you would know if you need a consultation. When it seems your current treatment is getting you nowhere, you are fatigue or depressed call for a consultation and have a customized treatment plan designed just for you. Call today and please share this video and help the ones you love.

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With a healthy interest in looks, anti-aging medication, and females’s health concerns, Dr. William Clearfield frequently incorporates Acupuncture in treatment routines
tailoring a plan that optimally is matched to each client’s needs and desires.

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Though an ancient art, I fail to see how any physician can operate without any understanding of Medical Acupuncture.

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