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The David Lynch Foundation has taught Transcendental Meditation (TM) to half a million people suffering from traumatic stress. Watch this video discussing the epidemic of stress & how TM can release it through real life stories of transformation.

“The epidemic of stress—the black plague of the 21st century—because modern medicine has no way to prevent it & no way to cure it.”
“The impact of stress is so huge. It fuels 80-90% of all diseases from heart disease to cancer to eating disorders to anxiety.”
–Bob Roth, DLF Executive Director

“Stress is at the foundation of health. Unless you deal with that, the rest of it absolutely falls apart. And I have seen the benefit of what TM can do for stress.” –Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Women’s Heart Specialist

“The research shows that not only does TM improve physical stress and health, it improves mental health, behavior, performance & productivity.”
“There has been a tipping point with regards TM as far as the world is concerned. Modern medicine understands the devastating impact of stress to a far greater extent that ever before. The goal is to bring TM to those who need it the most. So we’re bringing TM teachers to the schools, to the homeless shelters, to the military bases.” –Bob Roth

“These kids are facing the same challenges I faced growing up. If you’re not getting rest, stress gets unbearable. That’s what DLF is about: creating a safe space for them to meditate to help them deal with trauma & set them up for success later in life as well.”
“The work that me & the DLF are doing is saving lives.”
–Antwan Penn, TM Instructor

“Stress is what creates problems with students. Remove the stress, you don’t have that, you have peace.” Dr. Rutherford, Principal

“I always wanted to make my grandmother happy & show her I was going to be something. Yesterday, I actually showed her I’m going to be something.” –Graduated Student & Meditator

“As we’re doing this work & seeing the transformation, we’re seeing more & more schools that want this.” –Donielle Freeburg, TM Instructor

“I work primarily with women & girls who have experienced the justice system, childhood abuse, trauma, partner violence. These women have uniformly experienced a loss of hope. As the healing process begins, their body is getting deep rest so that it can heal & repair itself to the point where they’re able to grow so much.” –Rachel Katz, TM Instructor

“I am always walking around happy & people wonder how; I live in a family shelter. It’s because I have inner peace now, I have a certain calmness.” –Meditator

“One of the most moving things is to teach a veteran TM. They haven’t slept for months & they’re traumatized by nightmares. And they’re given drugs to mask the symptoms. And in an hour you can teach them this meditation technique & they feel that deep rest & unbelievable easing of the tensions & the stresses & the pressures.” –Bob Roth

“I’m more content than I’ve ever been. More in love with my life, with my wife, my job, my circumstances. Everything is better.” –Meditating Veteran

“This is a transformational tool that can rebuild the interior landscape in a way that the world is desperately looking for.” –Bob Roth

“Real change for the good truly begins within.” –David Lynch

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