Self Destructive Thoughts! Bad Thoughts! Why Am I Thinking This?

SELF DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS are something that everyone can have but… bad thoughts can be dealt with! Why am I thinking this? Why am I thinking bad thoughts? These are legitimate health questions and you shouldn’t just ignore them! It’s your mind trying to tell you something right? “Why am I thinking bad thoughts?” Do I need to deal with negative emotions from my past? Do I have PTSD? Can psychology help me and do I need a counselor? Maybe I’m having self destructive thoughts because I want to ESCAPE the pain of living in this difficult world! This self help video can really help people with self destructive thoughts but only if they do the health work with success. Education is key. Finding happiness is also important. WHAT makes you happy can offset self destructive thinking. I offer holistic consultations for a reasonable donation.

Source: Youtube