Overcoming PTSD Webinar

– Hello everyone.My name is Umar Hameed and I’m an expert at changing of human behavior .And coming up I have a webinar about post traumatic stress disorder.In fact how to overcome this in 7 days .Now that sounds a radical idea ,but here’s my thinking I’ve been studying the brain and what happens to the human body when people go from being Ok to some a bit that happened that gives them a post traumatic disorder.so what’s the change that’s happened there?cause that change that happens there cause that change is instant they went from being OK to be not ok in a heart beat.So the question is if we understand that ,get insights how to train people from being Not Okay to being Ok or in fact to be a spectacular.This gonna be a half our webinar we gonna share the latest how to create this change.If you know someone that suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or you have an interest in it or your suffering from it.Tune in,you gonna gets some insights on the latest research how to create change very quickly,in fact we’re doing it consistently.Hope to see you then take care !bye

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