FEARLESS – PTSD, Mental Health Awareness, and Suicide Prevention

Music/Song/Artist credit:
Kehlani – “Gangsta” (From Suicide Squad: The Album)
OZZY OSBOURNE – “Mama, I’m Coming Home”
Bullet For My Valentine – You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)
Roxette – She’s Got The Look
Gypsy – (Fleetwood Mac)
Who let the dogs out – Baha Men
Nivana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me

This past weekend my family and I celebrated the life of a wonderful man who struggled with depression for many, many years. Words cannot explain how hard his loss impacted my family.

My goal in making this personal video public (that I have used as practice for the last year navigating through my software programs) is to spread hope, love and strength to those who are struggling and suffering with any mental condition. I know a “normal” life before PTSD and I am now learning to live with this strange condition. This video will show you my own personal journey and how I chose to overcome my struggles, in my own ways. I am in no way, shape or form telling you this process will be easy, but PTSD can be controlled and you can and WILL overcome and live a happy life if you have the will power to do so. This video is still a work in progress (so much more to add and edit) but I felt the need to share to help others and give back to my community💙

This is not easy for me, but through therapy I have learned – talk it out; that’s how you heal.

Don’t judge my mullet.


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