Book | individual Differences in Posttraumatic Response: Problems With the Adversitydistress

Get your free audio book: This book challenges the assumptions of the event-dominated Dsm model of posttraumatic stress disorder. Bowmam examines a series of questions directed at the current mental health model, reviewing the empirical literature. She finds that the dose-response assumptions are not supported; the severity of events is not reliable associated with Ptsd,… Read More »

Book | Detection of Malingering during Head Injury Litigation

Get your free audio book: Increased public awareness of traumatic brain injuries has fueled a number of significant developments: on the one hand, more funding and more research related to these injuries and their resulting deficits; on the other, the possibility of higher stakes in personal injury suitsand more reasons for individuals to feign injury.… Read More »

Book | Neuropsychology of Ptsd: Biological, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives

Get your free audio book: Comprehensively examining the effects of psychological trauma on the brain, this volume integrates neurobiological, clinical, and cognitive aspects of Ptsd. Presented is groundbreaking research on the emergence of neuropsychological dysfunctions in specific trauma populations: children, adults, older adults, and victims of closed head injury. Coverage encompasses a range of chronic… Read More »

Book | Treating Psychological Trauma and Ptsd

Get your free audio book: This volume presents an innovative psychobiological framework for understanding and treating Ptsd. A major emphasis is the need to reformulate diagnostic criteria and treatment goals to reflect emerging knowledge about the complex pathways by which trauma disrupts people’s lives. Within a holistic, organismic framework, the editors identify 65 Ptsd symptoms… Read More »