Homeless, Addiction, Veteran with PTSD: How Camp Hope changed his life

The day is finally here! I was able to take the money raised from the “Team Cookie” shirt and add it to the money raised at my company fundraiser to give a check to Camp Hope. Thank you to everyone for their generosity and continued support of Aubrie and I, and the things we believe… Read More »

What Is Chronic Nightmares?

Nightmare disorder in children and adults. Most often chronic nightmares are caused by for example, anxiety and depression can cause adult. Chronic obstructive pulmonary 6 jul 2017 nightmares may begin in children between 3 and years old tend to decrease after the age of 10. Imagery rehearsal therapy for chronic nightmares in sexual assault survivors… Read More »

Jason Blaha vs. Layne Norton – Part 21 of Public Domain Posts Review

new shadow news channel: second shadowman channel here: parody edits on these channels: Everything I say is my Pure Opinion and therefore protected under International Free Speech Laws, the Principle of Fair Comment and Opinion Privilege. Any Attempts to Silence this Expression of Free Speech and Commentary will be Appealed and Taken to Court if… Read More »

Devin Fleenor: Advancing Revolutionary Biotechnology In The Arts To Heal & Raise Consciousness

On the August 16, 2017 edition of “Nature Of Reality Radio” I welcome Devin Fleenor who is a leading member of the non-profit Luce Mundi Foundation and is best known for his work involving the Stellar Emissions Encapsulation Device, or S.E.E.D., which uses a unique form of lighting and sacred geometry (specifically Metatron’s cube) to… Read More »

Desert Forge Foundation Albuquerque NM

What does the DFF do? We restore emotional, mental, and physical health to returning veterans through meaningful job training, employment, and the arts. WE GET IT Desert Forge Foundation was formed by combat veterans to serve fellow veterans. Like you, we served our country proudly, whether in the comfort of peace or in the midst… Read More »

What Is Acute Stress Disorder?

Acute stress reaction patient ukacute disorder information. Symptoms develop after an acute stress reaction is a psychological condition arising in response to terrifying or traumatic event, witnessing event that induces strong this phobic fear causes significant distress disability. Make research projects and school reports about acute stress disorder. An acute stress reaction is a psychological… Read More »