Leadership series – Mental Health Awareness – Bipolar Disorder

When conversing with someone you might feel as if something is a bit different, God will either show you or the individual will share information about a mental disability. Learn more about the bipolar personality disorder before jumping to conclusions. Inspirational Speaker and Author Nicholl McGuire shares knowledge about bipolar disorder. Feel led to give… Read More »

Rain Sounds Thunder Sounds Rain Shower Stress Free Sleep Meditation Relaxation ASMR

Rain Shower Recorded Created and Produced by David A Keller Copyright © Consuming Fire Artistic Creations All rights reserved. LLC David A Keller All Original Audio Purchase Meditative Music Here: – – Relaxing natural sound for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Also, use it while doing your homework or just because. The Sound of Rain Meditation,… Read More »

10 Signs You Have Abandonment Issues

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Kratom for Methadone withdraw – Canadian healthcare on the opiod epidemic

An update on my journey getting off methadone – the opiate drug prescribed to me (no, administered to me), in rehab when I had entered in for a heroin addiction. Methadone, through it’s government funding and new accessibility to me, had allowed me to temporarily get my life back… that is until I realize how… Read More »

Offshore Injury Attorney – 20 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Offshore Injury Attorney – 20 Most Common Personal Injury Claims Personal Injury Claims (1-10): Amputations Back Injuries Burns Crush Injuries Damage to Internal Organs Disfigurement Electrical Shock Fatalities or Wrongful Death Fractures Head Injuries Personal Injury Claims (11-20): Loss of Hearing Loss of Limbs Loss of Vision Occupational Illnesses Orthopedic Injuries Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Repetitive… Read More »

On Understanding Trauma in Adults, Children – Warning Signs

Loss happens when we least expect it. Following the loss there are symptoms. We might dismiss them, others may ignore them, but our minds, bodies and spirits have been impacted. A traumatic event can be devastating and sometimes you just can’t move on with your life without some help. Inspirational speaker and author Nicholl McGuire… Read More »

Borderline Personality Disorder – Human Beings, Not Monsters

Alright, so this video was one of the more difficult ones to make, since my knowledge of BPD when starting to plan it was lacking. However, thanks to Tog and the free time I had to research, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be getting the information I needed to make this… Read More »

PTSD Recovery is Possible

PTSD recovery is a process but it is possible. Life after PTSD is good! Just me enjoying the water and loving life. Is Fear Holding You Back?: Are you ready to begin healing? Inner Awakening, the ultimate yoga spiritual program for everyone: Submit your intention for Mahasadashivoham December 2017: or Sadashivatva, for people wishing to… Read More »

Evening Lake Sounds and Insect Sounds – Gentle waves Sleep,Meditation,Study,Relaxation,Insomnia,PTSD

►DESCRIPTION: 2 HOURS of Gentle lapping of waves against the shore of the lake, with the soft sounds of little insects as they busy themselves at night (No Music) For Relaxing, Studying, Sleeping, Get Baby to Sleep, Working, Meditation, Stress Release, PTSD, Spa, maybe Insomnia and Anxiety ►DAILY NEW Videos….SUBSCRIBE: & click 🔔 to be… Read More »