Gang Stalking of a Targeted Individual

Before I entered a chippy a guy walked in showing videos of me to the workers & they tried to make me feel embarrassed. After I stopped recording a guy walked towards me wearing a orange top, at the same time a guy suddenly parked his car besides me & came out walking to some… Read More »

Signs Of Bipolar Disorder 2018 | Bipolar Disorder Mariah Carey

Signs of bipolar disorder 2018 and what is hypomania? Subscribe so you’ll never miss my latest videos. Be sure to follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: I’m Dr. Frita. Did you hear that Mariah Carey recently revealed that she has bipolar disorder? Did you know that Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lewis of Blackish and many… Read More »

Get Codes for your favorite sites !

Generate : Get Codes for your favorite sites ! +-+-+-+- ctfxc allie wesenberg kis ablakok Chanson Gitane (Carmen) G. Bizet kashmiris celebrate pakistan win understanding highly sensitive people crack coca�ne documentary best hermes bags lickables vs kinder joy Tabu Dizzy Gillepsie nail polish slime test hide and go poop horrid henry song in tamil these… Read More »

What It’s Like to Suffer from Depression PTSD | AMNAN AK

What It’s Like to Suffer from Depression PTSD | AMNAN AK Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy! Facebook Page: Pinterest: what is ptsd, ptsd explained simply, ptsd test, ptsd definition, ptsd symptoms, ptsd causes, ptsd treatment, what are the 17 symptoms of ptsd?, Source: Youtube

How Long Does P T S D Last ????

How Long Does P T S D Last ???? © Lane Erickson ID 4688086 | Dreamstime Stock Photos What is narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder is a warp in the personality that doesn’t allow the person with such a disorder to feel empathy or remorse for any wrong doing. In addition, someone with narcissistic… Read More »

FEARLESS – PTSD, Mental Health Awareness, and Suicide Prevention

Music/Song/Artist credit: Kehlani – “Gangsta” (From Suicide Squad: The Album) OZZY OSBOURNE – “Mama, I’m Coming Home” Bullet For My Valentine – You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War) Roxette – She’s Got The Look Gypsy – (Fleetwood Mac) Who let the dogs out – Baha Men Nivana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Def Leppard… Read More »

How Does Trauma Affect Substance Abuse Disorders? | A Better Today Recovery Services

Substance Abuse Topic 3: When it comes to trauma and substance abuse, people tend to use drugs and alcohol to self medicate. Many people deal with their trauma in different ways and abusing mind-altering substances is used as a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety associated with PTSD or trauma. Watch Topic 4 to… Read More »

Reno Doctor Keys to Hormones (problems) & Brain Injuries

Reno Alternative Medicine Doctor discussing hormone issues. Today we are going to go more into testosterone / estrogen issues correlating with brain injuries. See more information below in the description. This is a topic that is very important to Dr Bill. One of his specialties is hormone replacement and treatment He has helped veterans that… Read More »

Chat Live With A.J. Mahari – Community Sharing, Information, & Group Support

754 Chat Messages A growing community of subscribers to this channel, not only asking me questions, but sharing so much wisdom and supporting and reaching out to each other – via chat, all of which I am merely reading since it is not in the video as it really should be. We covered many topics,… Read More »