How to Treat Conversion Disorder

How to Treat Conversion Disorder 00:00:59 Method 1 Seeking Professional Help 00:01:06 1 – Get physical therapy to address symptoms 00:02:18 2 – Try psychotherapy 00:03:21 3 – Identify and treat any comorbid disorders 00:04:12 4 – Consider transcranial magnetic stimulation 00:04:57 Method 2 Overcoming Stress and Conflict 00:05:04 1 – Accept that there is… Read More »

Insight Into Depression – Sadhguru talks in a Darshan at Isha Yoga Center

In this discourse “Insight Into Depression”, Sadhguru explains that in most cases of depression a person is simply generating intense thoughts and emotions that are working against them and that in many ways, 70% of all illnesses are self-created. डिप्रेशन का मूल कारण सद्गुरु डिप्रेशन/अवसाद के मूल कारण बताते हुए कहते हैं कि डिप्रेशन के… Read More »