PTSD Verterans and Their Service Dogs

Source: Christina McCormick Franco is the loving wife of a veteran with PTSD- for years she has lived in fear that when she left the house that upon her return her husband would be deceased by self inflicted wounds. Their service Dog has saved his life and their marriage. At an author event this lovely… Read More »

Storytime. Not click bait. PTSD He tried to kill me. Part 2

This is part 2 where I conclude sharing the attempt on my life. This lead me to developing PTSD. For me, forgiveness was key in helping with the healing process. I still suffer with symptoms of PTSD. This is my story and is unedited so that you may see my true feelings while sharing. Peace,… Read More »

Vets Take Issue With New Term for Upset Liberals:’Post-Election Stress Disorder’

A state of depression among Democrats has been a nationwide theme since the election of President Donald Trump. And now, doctors are treating this crippling anger as an unofficial medical condition. “Post-election stress disorder” is the new term created by mental health professionals for what some liberals are experiencing. However, some see this name as… Read More »

ANXIETY: Overcome Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, PTSD, Phobias & more

Healing Anxiety Workshop: Some of the practices taught in this workshop include: – Meditation – How to ground your energy anytime, anywhere – How to cleanse your aura – Automatic writing to tap your subconscious mind – Therapeutic journaling – “Physiology hacks” to reduce anxiety – How to cut/cleanse cords (negative attachments to your aura)… Read More »

My Experience With PTSD

Healing Anxiety Workshop: Magnetic Mama is an intuitive healer. To book an energy reading, see the calendar at 💎🔮💙 Thanks for watching! Feel free to reach out to me with questions or feedback. I respond to YouTube comments, or you can reach out on social media. s o c i a l : Twitter… Read More »